REPORT #311 June 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

The massacre of passengers on the Punta Gorda to Puerto Barrios FERRY and subsequent theft of the ferry has left Belizeans in shock. The three Guatemalan terrorists were so brutal in their killing, it is inconceivable from a Belizean point of view.

Guatemala runs, using the old Spanish Mafia system of monarchy. Where the Army are muscle and enforcers and Mafia civilian groups usually related by blood to Army Colonels and politicians exploit the population in a predator and prey philosphy. I've had some Colonels tell me so themselves and they graduated from Harvard in the USA. So much for a civilized veneer! They are not conquistadors today, wearing chain mail and killing with swords, or the harqabus, but they still prey on the population using modern weapons and a military style organization of the national army and civilian family MAFIA groups. Just like the five Mafia families do in New York and New Jersy of the USA. The difference is that in Guatemala, the MAFIA groups are the legal government.

Belizeans need to be constantly aware, that nothing is what it appears in Guatemala and words and promises are valueless. To do otherwise is to beg for exploitation. As you can see, we have just got another reminder of politics and gangs from Latin countries. A good spy service in Guatemala and a strong mobile defence force are still top items in Belize. A mandatory District part time militia wouldn't be a bad idea either!

In August 1981, the Army conducted a typical operation and seized the community of Pajujil in Solola. They capture 46 people. The women and girls were set aside, raped by the soldiers until everyone was satisfied and then burned alive. Nothing unusual in this in Latin Spanish style politics of the Americas. This week, 38 skeletons have been found at the massacre site. They were in a common grave and the dig was sponsored by an NGO called the Mutual Support Group, trying to locate the graves of some 45,000 reported relatives murdered for political opposition suspicions. We live next door to a pride of lions and Belizeans just got another reminder. Though this massacre on Belizeans were more likely the work of Jackals, than the lion prides.

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