REPORT #32 1998

(The challenge facing the PUP Party for 1999 before 2000.)

Produced by the Belize Development Trust
What will it take to make the legislature and senate real democratic functioning bodies, instead of this pseudo parliamentary setup we have that has acted solely as a rubber stamp for all the years of self government and independence?

What does the PUP party have to do, to make these bodies other than a joke? Someplace where real debate goes on and a real consensus is found from the nation's districts on subjects and legislation?

Is there any way that the PUP elected party representatives can keep the loot ( 5 years of salaries ) and still find a way to turn the government into a real functioning debating body with real checks and balances and true national district consensus?

Suggestions for the PUP party and cabinet? They seem lost! Unlike the UDP they at least have an open mind,up to the point of losing their government salaries. What system would it take to make them convert the government into a real democracy?

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