REPORT #330 June 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Unlike past World Wars, that involved armies and vast artillery weapons, culminating eventually in atomic war, this war is different. It is not going to be nucleur weapons and it is not going to involve germ warfare. Eventually it will be about oil! But starting off, this war is different. The first creeping phases are about world financial controls.

The combatants are the seven industrialized manufacturing rich countries against the rest of the world. Just like when Hitler and the Third Reich made that first tentative step in invading Poland, shouting promises not to escalate Imperialist ambitions for colonies, this World War III is starting the same way.

So far, it is the Seven RICH countries combined and the first target, is for control of the world's finances. It is not Poland as in the Third Reich, but the first target are 35 small country financial centers. Once they are conquered economically, probably the oil fields will be next economically. It is certainly going to be a different kind of war to start. It is also going to be Imperialism and Colonialism under a different disguise, with different names, but Imperialism and Colonialism nonetheless.

The 35 small country financial centers now control TRILLIONS in USA dollars and other foreign currencies. The trading instruments for financial business through local stock exchanges is on the rise. Pretty soon, they might indeed eclipse New York and London as financial centers. Already one small country, the Cayman Islands has more money than a number of the RICH seven countries accustomed to being the bully on the block.

The attacking headquarters is ostensibly something called "the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development", or the OECD. France is leading the charge, but the USA is not far behind. England relies a great deal on manipulating money markets to fill the treasury. It is expected they will not be far behind either.

Under immediate threat from the OECD are those targets of European RICH manufacturing countries of the Groupof Seven. The British Channel Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Andorra, Monaco, Panama, Gibralter, Montserrat, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Mauritius and San Marino. In our hemisphere and the Caribbean, targeted countries are the job of the USA to attack.

Already Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Mauritius and San Marino are making appeasement noises of surrender to OECD, the umbrella headquarters of this first phase of conquest of the world.

While the terminology of "money laundering" is still mentioned, it is becoming less the battle cry as news articles point out with facts, that the Group of Seven are in fact the world's biggest money launderers that has ever been seen. The new battle cry is "harmful tax competition"!

Now you can protect from innuendos and slander of money laundering, but trying to protect against a jelly like substance called "HARMFUL TAX COMPETITION" is something else. Where do you grab a hold of that mouthful! It doesn't really matter in the long run. Like Chamberlain in Britain attempting to appease the lustful appetite of Hitler at the beginning of World War II, attempts by individual small financial centers to protect themselves against "HARMFUL TAX COMPETITION" mean nothing in the big picture. The big picture is meant to ensure conquest of the world financial markets by the Group of Seven RICH countries.

Will the world smallest financial centers wake up and form their own WAR HEADQUARTERS? Can the group of 35 financial centers get together and do battle? TRILLIONS are at stake. Economies, jobs, investment, all are at stake here. Will Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize lead the way in coordinating a battle headquarters of the 35 financial centers? He certainly has the ability. What role will Belize play in this World War III?

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