REPORT #343 July 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

In Belize, the Religious people have tried all the traditional ways of controlling the public and population. Back two hundred years ago, they hung women and their babies from trees for worshipping any God but their own. Intolerance was the norm back then and it still has vestiges of intolerance in Belize today.

Religions are generally patriarcheal. Male dominated and the rules are usually male made in man made religions. God himself doesn't have a religion, but welcomes all humans. Religion is a political thing, sort of a social group that make rules of behavior, according to how they understand they want their group to behave and worship God according to their particular group's rules.

What this comes down to in Belize is still a practice against God, by religionists. They set their social rules and call them moral values. God doesn't really care about the social groups, God just wants survival and reproduction. In Belize, we have a Church State system in many schools. But these male dominated Churches victimize girls who get pregnant and have not married by their social rules. Now pregnancy is a God given gift for reproduction and preservation of the human species. The creation of life is something that GOD does! Yet the Churchs take upon themselves a course of outlining the current social values and intrepreted morals from these social values and setting rules. Ostensibly, they claim they are God's rules.

That is pure balderdash and a bigger pack of lies never got spread by anybody. It is pure politics and control, what we call religious engineering. Social rules change over generations and centuries. So does the name of God. The practises also change as the years pass and centuries accumulate into thousands of years. But the efforts to control people by religionists under one disguise, or social religious engineering never stops. Humans are power hungry. Controlling sex is power!

In Belize, the religionists nowadays still expell girls from school who are unmarried by their social code and call it their particular brand of morals. In some societies and religions, a girl wouldn't even be able to get married until she was thirty years old or so and proved fertility by having a few children. Social fashions change, because they are man made. Taboos set by religionists also change with the times.

There are two major problems with pregnancy and religionists in Belize. Both practises and victimization should be stopped by Government legislation. If I was Prime Minister, I certainly would do so. One is that a female student in school who gets pregnant, gets expelled. ( The male father does not get expelled!) The second thing is, if a female adult teacher who is single and wants to be a mother gets pregnant. She gets fired!

Both Gender based discrimination points should be addressed by legislation. First off, any Church School that follows this practice should immediately forfeit all stipends and contributions from Government, until they change this practice and install CHILD CARE facilities, for young females who are mothers, married or single.

I would hit with severe fines any school that fired a female teacher because she got pregnant and wanted a child.

THIS STUFF IS NONSENSE! It is pure political control of a social group by man made religious engineering rules. They are not God based. God has spoken with the creation of life! The rest is balderdash and the people perpetuating this gender discrimination in Belize need to be set straight and hurt by legislation in the pocket book.

With the expansion of Medical Services to the Districts. More operations are being performed. The trouble is, in Belize, there are only three anesthesists. How do you do operations in District Hospitals when you do not have trained staff?

A program is being started to train nine nurse as anesthesists to help with district operations. The second year, another nine will be trained. This will hopefully give Belize about eighteen to twenty anesthesists in the next three years.

What do we do in the meantime? Import foreigners? Put a piece of Cabbage Bark branch between your teeth, to bite on? Get six strong men to hold the patient down, while an operation is performed?

Whatever, life goes on! It is certainly a step in the right direction for the country of Belize to have anesthesist training.

Congratulations! We may be small and poor as a country, but we'll get self reliant one day soon. The human resources are here, so are the financial if we do it wisely and so are the technical. The only real problem Belize has, is political development.

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