REPORT #346 July 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

It is becoming increasing clear in the first skirmishs for political control of all the world's resources, that the USA envisages itself as Chairman of the Village Council. The other Councillors are going to be the other manufacturing countries. Members of the G7 group. A lesser dominating group will be 19 other countries, in order of manufacturing capability.

All the other world nations are to be exploited as serf labor and economic controlled colonies.

The first battles and skirmishes are about control of the world finances. Alternate financial centers will not be tolerated by the Village Council and Chairman of the NEW WORLD ORDER, of the Global Village.

Last month, the 26 nations of manufacturing countries created a "blacklist" of 15 financial centers of the colony class of subservient exploited countries in the new Imperialism.

This war and the rhetoric, talks about the USA and it's Allies, as in other World Wars. Belize unfortunately finds itself among those that are to be economically colonized in the new Imperialism.

In a set of tactics of colonial wars, it has been decided by the USA and Allies to use the time honored practice of DIVIDE AND CONQUER! The USA and some Allies in this financial war of domination in the Global Village have targeted financial centers in Leanon, the Philippines, Panama, Liechtenstein and five Caribbean countries and territories. Still in effect are sanctions from last year against the Seychelles, Antigua and Barbuda.

The Treasury Department of the USA has issued advisories to U.S. Banks. Japan and Canada had issued similar advisories last Wednesday. Britain said it was going to wait and see how the dust settles first in this first skirmish for control of the world's finances.

The notice to USA banks says " to continue to do legitimate business with these fifteen countries named, but that internal bank controls and due diligence requirements must be stepped up. Other countries targeted in this first battle are the, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Dominica, Israel, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Panama, Philippines, Russia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Missing from this list of countries that presumably might allow money laundering by lax laws, is the USA. The USA is trying to use USA banks as foot soldier cannon fodder, in the front lines of the war for financial world controls. The banks in the USA are asked to be frontline combat troops.

There was a scandal of the Bank of New York, one of the nation's largest that had served as a conduit for $7 billion in Russian money in money laundering. A precis of what happened, was that an IMF loan of billions had to be approved for Russia, to stop a default by Russia on earlier IMF loans. Apparently, Russia is dominated by Mafia gangs and so is much of the government over there. In order to avoid the collapse of the Russian Economic system, the IMF was encouraged to give Russia billions in a loan to pay off the owing interest payments on earlier loans, that much of it got ripped off. It was expected by Congress in the USA, that much of the new loans would also get ripped off. And so it was and the money laundered in the USA banking system! While it was expected and part of the understood package. The loss of billions to Russian Mafia from the IMF loans and the subsequent scandals by investigative reporting, that USA banks were laundering the money from Russia, opened a can of worms in the public forums. Other scandals of money laundering in the USA followed. Despite being the world's biggest money launderer, the USA is not on the BLACKLIST of countries to be penalized in this financial war for economic control of the world. It is the crooked cop in charge of the Village.

Because of the BLACKLIST, many USA banks are now shunning five Caribbean countries. It is not the law yet, but there is talk that the USA might bar US banks from doing business with countries on the BLACKLIST in the financial war zone and if they can convince the other six members of the World's Village Council ( not elected,-self appointed), to prevent their banks doing business with BLACKLISTED COUNTRIES, they will do so. Other weapons in this war of world finances and financial centers are the talk of cutting off of IMF loans and approvals and from other International Organizations to targeted financial centers that are desired serfs in the NEW WORLD ORDER.

It is becoming more important than ever, that Belize become SELF RELIANT financially and that the cost of government be cut back to what we can afford. It is important that we acquire Foreign Exchange Reserves, as SAVINGS, in order that we can be our own bosses. It is either that or be manipulated and used as any slaves, or serfs of other Imperialistic times in World History. Those that aspire to be politicians in Belize have a duty to see that Belize becomes strong and economically self-reliant in this World War.

There is a publisher of MONEY LAUNDERING ALERT, called Charles Intriago where you can read stuff about this World War for control of the world's finances.

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