REPORT #351 July 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

The infamous manufacturing technical research dominated GROUP OF SEVEN INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES have opened an official DECLARATION OF WAR on small countries seeking to share the international banking finance business.

The Financial Action Task Force, euphamistically called a war on money laundering, even though those same seven countries, are the biggest money launderers of all the world, have opened an attack on other smaller world banking centers.

The Group of Seven industrialized manufacturing nations have named 15 territories as their enemies and are preparing to coordinate tactics and strategies, to make them subject to the Group of Seven big countries and steal their business.. In a move reeking of economic colonialism and a new sort of Federated Imperialism, the following small countries are being targeted.

Bahamas, Cayman Islands ( 5th largest world financial center ) Cook Islands, Dominica, Israel, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Panama, Philippines, Russia, St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Belize did not make the cut this time around, as without a dollar economy and a dollar standard, allowing a free exchange of foreign exchange without dollar rationing and exchange permits, the Belize international banking industry is still laughable in offshore transactions. Political mismanagement created by one local population center town that has political control of the nation as a feudal plantation is the major cause of lack of financial stability and economic growth of Belize.

The seven industrialized countries declaring banking war on smaller nations are concerned about the division of financial business into smaller sections of pie. The slices are getting smaller and new banking centers are taking their slices out of the larger countries. The Cayman Islands, a very small island has succeeded in becoming even bigger as a financial and investment center than many individual large industrialized countries of the Group of Seven.

With much bombast and rhetoric, the largest new Banking Imperialists and would be Financial Colonialists led by France and the USA in a coordinated propoganda attack of slander, are throwing out vague innuendos, slander and unsubstantiated claims of "money laundering". While at the same time, their own financial news press are giving actual factual stories and articles continuously of scandal after scandal of money laundering in their own countries. They do not seem to think that money laundering in their countries counts! Charges are being thrown everywhere from Russia to Lichenstein.

The Industrial Countries want to control the world's cash flows. They want the money in their own economies for sales of Treasury Bonds and Certificates for government financing. They want the money in their countries to stimulate economic growth through banking commissions and service charges and for sale of a multitude of financial instruments that could be stated as nothing more than gambling. Such as the "Day Trading" retail phenomena which is bringing BILLIONS into their financial industry coffers on a daily basis. The house percentage and losses in Day Trading alone by customers would wipe out the national debt of the USA alone. The fees for which this war is being waged are enormous.

Whether the smaller countries in the Offshore Financial business can get together in an emergency meeting and fight this battle is unknown at this time. United we stand and divided we fall, should be the Tax Haven countries motto! The war is being fought with swiped financial data from satellite communications, telephone logs of targeted people in government and business, sophisticated electronic eavsdropping apparatus, bugged meeting rooms and telephones, huge computers capable of breaking most encryption codes, laws against encryption for financial services other than their own and a host of covert and overt propoganda and different attack strategies on many different fronts. Even officials in targeted countries are being harassed with telephone bugging by satellite eavsdropping, in-country black operations, individuals being targeted for travel and visa problems and all the weapons of a real war for economic supremacy by the Group of Seven industrialized countries. This is both guerrilla war and open war on many fronts.

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