REPORT #382 September 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

ELECTRIC POWER IN BELIZE ( So you want to invest in Belize, hey?)
Here is the price of electricity around our region of the world. All prices are in USA cents.
Florida      .04217/kwh
Mexico      .0452/kwh
Guatemala      .0760/kwh
Costa Rica      .0786/kwh
Honduras      .0901/kwh
Panama      .099/kwh
El Salvador      .111/kwh
Dominica      .1126/kwh
Nicaragua      .1133/kwh
BELIZE      .205/kwh
Belize you notice is the most expensive electrical power in the region. Belize was until very recently, a government electrical monopoly. Things are changing and private competition in electrical production is still only in the talk stage, but bound to come, if the politicians keep their hands off. It is a wide perception in Belize that Cabinet politicians accept KICKBACKS for special contracts, contributing to Belize being an exploited state and serf type population. It may not be true, but that is one of the perceptions of high electrical costs. Government taxes to finance the salaries of a townie crowd from the old colonial capital with all the material goodies in life, who have no other contributing productive capacity for the small country, other than parasitic job seeking from a centralized government is another widely accepted perception. This salaried government employed large segment of the old colonial townie population is another cross that the producers of the nation must pay for in higher taxes. This is the perception, whether it is true or not is your judgement?

In the production of electrical power, there are numerous schemes out there that are cost effective. It is said that a foreign company in Puerto Cortez produces electricity for profit in Honduras for .09/kwh and that they could do the same in Belize. These type of private enterprise contracts are for 5 years, at which high efficiency electrical producing systems are worn out and fully amortized. The shelf life is gone! It takes about six months to set up in Belize. Unfortunately, Belize is an old colonial RULER decree type constitutional system and kickbacks, political influence and party connections are a must in any such schemes in Belize. Which is probably why we don't have them.

There is a scheme to build a back up hydro dam called Chalillo in the western country, but such a dam is also subject to seasonal non-performance dry spells. The power is calculated to cost .1345/kwh basic, to give a guaranteed profit to investors. Yet the new rules of the game under privatization and electrical producers competition state that new electrical power ventures have to compete with the cheapest power currently available to the country. This happens to be Mexican power at .0452/kwh USA. There will be many schemes in the coming years by a variety of investors to seek concessions, guaranteed electrical production contracts and other government intervention in introducing privately generated electrical production competition. All such schemes fail to meet the criteria of private venture capital and speculation investment. Government taxes on electrical power and political wheeling dealing are still a big unknown factor in such ventures for final competitive electrical costs.

BELIZE IS A COLONIAL GUN CONTROL COUNTRY, in which the population are treated as SUBJECTS and not citizens.

Gun control in Belize is still the Empire building relic of Kings and Queens, in which political power blocks control their populations as feudal serfs, through gun control.

1)An armed man is a citizen! ( So they say in Switzerland and the USA, who fought monarchies for their independence. Belize never fought for independence, it was shoved down our throat.)

2)An armed citizenry, protects against the abuse of political power by a government.

3)A gun in your hand is worth more than calling 911, or the police.

4)Gun control in Belize is not about crime, or about owning guns, it is about control.

5)If guns cause crime, then pencils cause mispelled words and matches cause arson.

6)Doctors kill more people in the USA than guns. You are seven times more likely to be killed by a doctor than a gun.

7)Free people do not ask permission to own guns. They may agree to paying a tax on their gun though.

8)Cars kill more people in Belize than guns. There is a buy back program for guns, but no buy back program for cars? Go figure the logic of that one?

9)If you don't insist on human rights, you won't have any!

10)Armed robbery is a human behavorial problem from greed. It is not a mechanical device malfunction.

11)Only Robber Baron governments afraid of their citizens try to control them. They are not governments of persuasion, consensus, democracy, but of force by political rulers with a corruption axe to grind.

12)Without the right to bear arms to protect yourself from government force, you are a slave!

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