REPORT #397 September 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

After extensive investigations, the Swiss Federal Banking Commission has unearthed solid evidence that 19 major banks in Switzerland, Britain and the United States had a role in helping the late Nigerian military dictator, Sani Abacha, launder some US$660 million during the five years he was in office.

According to the commission, more than half of the US$208 million that found itself into secret Swiss bank accounts was funnelled into Switzerland from Britain while a third flowed through United States banks. Just as bad, of the US$514 million of the stolen money that left Switzerland some US$219 million ended up in Britain.

What makes the Abacha case so embarrassing for the United States and Britain in particular is that they are the driving forces behind an insidious campaign by the OECD, the Task Force and others to shut down the offshore financial services centres in the Caribbean on the grounds that they are "havens" for people intent on laundering dirty money.

To achieve their goals, the OECD, the United States and Britain have raised the spectre of billions of dollars being laundered in the Caribbean.

Of course, neither the United States nor Britain was on the list of potential money laundering havens around the world that was created by the FATF and the OECD. And they certainly don't face tough sanctions by next July if they fail to comply with OECD wishes.

And how did officials of the Task Force, a group created by the OECD, respond to the report by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission?

Basically, it declined to comment!

CSI's COMMENT: A perfect example for the FATF's and OECD's hypocrisy! We expect that these arrogant bureaucrats will eventually quietly withdraw the threats of sanctions against offshore havens, or risk being accused as imperialistic extortionists.

While I'm not sure that the Bahama's is part of the CARICOM financial war effort defending against the new Imperialism of manufacturing countries to control the world financial economy, the USA is putting the squeeze on them. The Bahama's are basically an outlying American colony playground, as they import all their goods from nearby USA. Unlike, Caricom, which can switch to cheaper and better imports from Brazil, Mexico and China, via Panama and Guatemala middlemen as a war tactic.

The original news from the Bahama's were they had caved in to the OECD demands, but I've lost the news blurb now, but there was something this morning about the minimal compliance the Bahama's had given was challenged by OECD member, the USA. The USA basically want UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER and adoption of a system of banking and finance that they and other OECD 28 country enemy allies can control. This would effectively wipe out the Bahama's as a meaningful financial center. The Bahama's had agreed to have mutual tax and account knowledge agreements with the USA alone, but the USA wants the Bahama's to comply with all their 28 OECD enemy country allies in the OECD alliance. The Bahama's may yet join the CARICOM group, but it is expected the USA will use it's special leverage over the Bahama's to destroy the Bahamian Financial Industry. This puts the Bahama's between a rock and a hard place. Their food supply and materials are almost exclusively USA imports. CARICOM on the other hand have other choices and import sources, which in the end will probably come out more than 50% cheaper for the balance of TRADE DEFICIT, once they switch their import sources away from Europeans and the USA.

The Bahamian response so far, from Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has said he is willing to exchange tax information with the USA but has no plans for similar deals with other enemy countries in the OPEC Imperialist Alliance. The Tax Haven financial center countries number about 49 and are mostly poor very small, third world nations. They are however fragmentated and do not have organization and coordination in this war. So far, the CARICOM countries of the Caribbean seem to be the best able to blunt this second wave of attacks from the enemy OECD new Imperialistic countries in this war for world economic market shares.

IMF tried to get Mexico to take a sweet deal with a new $1 Billion Loan. Mexico rebuffed the IMF. Mexico has paid off it's last IMF loans two weeks ago from a $50 Billion bailout in 1995 of an economic crisis, years earlier than expected. NAFTA is responsible for the good economic performance in Mexico. Mexico now does not have to worry about the $500 million in interest it had to pay on the outstanding balance of the earlier IMF loan bailout.

In Belize, the interest payments on our loans are estimated at a total of $120 million a year from an average government annual revenue of $300 million. Finance Minister Fonseca has been very secretive about what we owe and to who and how much interest we have to pay. No one outside of him and PM Musa actually know the REAL TIME foreign International debt that Belize has? Not even the IMF or World Bank. Everybody is guessing and using estimates. Even the silent so-called UDP ineffectual political opposition.

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