REPORT #407 July 2001

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Itzamna - Supreme Mayan Diety, the original Creator God. Sort of a four in one with the Acab brother Gods.

Ah Kinchil - The Sun God

Ah Puch - God of Death

Ahan Chamahez - God of Medicine

Akhushtal - Goddess of Childbirth

Bakab brothers - a four in one manifestation of the Creator God ITZAMNA

Chac - God of Rain

Cizin - Earthquake and Hurricane God

Ekahan - God of travellers and merchants

Ix Chel - Moon Goddess

Kukulcan - Wind God

Mitnel - The Devil, or Satan of the underworld

Nacon - God of War

Tzutccaj - God of mountains and valleys ( Mountain Pine Ridge )

Yum Kaax - Corn God ( Maize )

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