REPORT #414 August 2001

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

THE SUBJECT OF CHAYA, AMARANTH, CASCABEL, as beneficial natural nutritious herbs from Belize. The best treatment for MALARIA in the Peten of Guatemala and flow over malaria fevers along the border of Belize from Guatemala is treatment with local ARTENAM. A local herb. More effective than any USA, or European FDA approved treatments. Immediate response! Western doctors most often treat malaria wrongly and dangerously ineffectively. Local malaria is cured immediately by ARTENAM. The USA does not know about it. BOTLAS FLY larvae under the skin.


I've been following the discussion on chaya with interest. Here's my question: How does it stack up nutritionally against calaloo (amaranth)? I thought it was interesting that Echo said it is THE leafy vegetable staple of the Yucatec Maya and the Alta Vera Paz K'ekchi Maya. I thought amaranth ruled in these areas. Second question (for Peter), do you have to keep a pretty big bush if you're only harvesting young leaves and shoots?

Calaloo is a big favorite with many -- it certainly is delicious -- probably better than Chaya. And is accredited with just as good nutritional properties. But Chaya is better as a medicinal. By the way -- I am always recommending it for diabetes 2 patients --

My problem with calaloo is that it makes the perfect bug food. Anytime I plant it -- bugs consume it -- then after they finished that meal -- they get hungry and start going after everything. In short words -- grow calaloo and attract all the bugs from miles around to you entire garden! No thanks!

Finally, Peter, I read the malaria discussion with great interest also. My husband, Jerry, and I are moving to the Toledo District in the fall, and we definitely plan to come to Xaibe, if it's OK with you, and pick up some of the artem.... medicine you and Richard from Honduras spoke of,

My Artenam stock is just about gone -- and what is left is long past the expiration date -- though the medicine is still supposed to be good for many years after.

Further -- the company that sold Artenam is not interested in shipping any more. My orders were to small.

I was hoping I could spur Susan into "investing" in this excellent medicine. You see -- it takes a few $1000 US dollars to place an order. I no longer am doing big time medicine. I personally depend on Cascabel -- which has always worked for me and mine.

Looks like pretty good stuff....all the articles warn not to eat it raw, unlike regular spinach... Chaya is poisonous raw. Must be boiled first !

How do they cook the chaya in Xaibe?

Here on caye caulker, we used to boil the leaf, then fold it into a minsa (cornmeal) dough to make bollos (tamalitos). Once the bollos were cooked, they would be eaten served covered with tomato paste. Its delicious.

I have never seen the leaf made into tea, tho.

Bit like the BOTLASS FLY, the USA doctors do not know to treat the larva in short term visiting tourists who got infected by a mosquito while on holiday and find they have an itchy growing lump under their skin. Tobacco poultice will suck the larva out, by cutting off it's airhole. Almost anything will work, but tourists that have $3000 operations in the USA are a joke!

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