REPORT #424 September

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

A recent survey by a 30 member team of Canadians in Colombia, came to the conclusion that Colombia had been turned into a dysfunctional African country. At blame, the Canadian team said was economics. Unfettered rampant Capitalist exploitation, plundering and looting. Most of the problem were from European Multi-Nationals backed by their governments. The same modus operendi used by the European multi-national big corporations to plunder, loot and exploit African countries has been turned on Colombia.

While some charge this is a leftist viewpoint, this rightist and anti-communist agrees with the Canadian assessment. Indeed, a web of grass routes contacts within Colombia have been saying the same thing for the past nine years. Exports are booming, but so are private armies, bandit groups and corporate armies, who are paying criminals to oust people in rural areas from their farms and ranches. Blamed are many corporations, including oil companies and large agri-business.

Food filled warehouses and mineral exports are being shipped at an ever increasing rate. But not from small producers. The small producers are being squashed flat, murdered, tortured and disappeared by paid assassins in campaigns of terror. Europeans have brought their African exploitation methods to the Americas. Officials are bought, the government in an oligarchy European style party run elected dictatorship has been corrupted for money. Law is a joke!


Can the same thing happen in Belize? To a certain extent this is already happening, though on a much smaller scale. The telecommunications authority monopoly is due to end at the end of 2001. But a whistle blower recently let it be known that there is a clause in the contract for the monopoly, that says; the monopoly has to be notified a year ahead of time, that the monopoly will be cancelled. If not, in a negative dance of salesmanship, the monopoly will automatically get a five year renewal. Up to date, the government, many of whom are believed by the public to be in the pay of the monopoly has not given any notice of termination of the telecommunications monopoly and time is running out. Only a few months time is left, just a few weeks. Congratulations to the WHISTLE BLOWER!

When you are being raped, it is nice to know the identity of the rapist.

Elected representatives in Belize are prisoners of a Constitution of their own devising. It dictates to a certain extent all the possible actions of an elected representative within the framework of a winner-take-all one party government. Within that party, is another framework to keep elected representatives in-line by a cabal, which is called patronage by the party leader. By USA definition Belize is a democracy, because ownership of the country of Belize by a political party is traded at election time in a free election. Unfortunately, that is were democracy ends. From then on, it is total political party patronage and dictatorship. A feudal plantation to be exploited. Most of Latin America suffers the same fate. Large multi-national corporations, most of which are richer and bigger than most countries have far more financial resources to subvert these style of elected party dictatorships. And they do! Witness the Canadian investigative team's message and conclusion. Colombia is being Africanized into a dysfunctional country for exploitation by multi-national corporations. Most of which are European.

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