REPORT #425 September

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Latin America's foreign relations with the USA.

  There are lots of statistics out there that shows Latin America is the biggest market for the USA including the Caribbean.  Here is a new one.

  Since 1994 and the free trade agreement with Mexico.   Mexico today buys more US goods than France, Germany, Spain and Italy,  TOGETHER!

  You start talking about the Caribbean countries together and we beat a whole lot of the European markets as economic partners for the USA too.

  Yet that bumbling bunch of appointed bureaucrats running State, Defense and Trade policies in the US Government are all European centered and trained.  They speak Russian, German, Chinese, etc.  But Spanish?  NEVER?   They haven't a clue in the Bush Administration and really need to get their priorities turned around, to what is the correct economic and defense policies.  Which is the other 26 countries of the American continent.  The future of the USA is with our American Continent.

   Mexico is so strong now, that Fox is seeking a seat on the United Nations Security Council.  And indeed, they need to bump somebody off there and put some American continent countries instead.

   Mexico is also planning to enter into playing a role with the Colombian Africanization by European countries and their government backed transnationals.

  Mexico is also actively supporting collective measures for the defense of democracy in Latin America.  Right now, Mexico can't lead here, cause they got the same sick Spanish Conquistador monarchist inherited system of autocratic ruler/leader politics as the rest of the Americas.  Democracy is not this system.  Democracy is deeper than that and about Federated consensus by geographic checks and balances with local home rule.

  Read Musa's speech ( our Prime Minister ) at some conference the other day.  It seemed rather lame duck.  I liked the one from the Barbados Prime Minister instead.  More realistic, fiery and showed a knowledge of where we are heading in the Caribbean.

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