REPORT #447 November 2001

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

(quote from Belize Culture debating Listserve)

" Still, what the country of Belize needs is a long term 30 year or 50 year conservative growth policy. Due to the 20 year International debts of the PUP, I have to figure out that far. But what the country of Belize needs to grow is sound fiscal conservative management. Not these spendthrift party economics done on debt, when they first come into their five year office, to prove they are the right people. Trouble is, without a political structure in LAW, that prohibits and controls DEBT and a framework to LAWFULLY control party fiscal management, there is not going to be any realistic GROWTH economics in BELIZE. What Belize needs is more decentralization of political power, more checks and balances in LAW controlling how national revenue funds are spent and apportioned. More democracy in other words! Not more of ex-Prime Minister, Esquivel in the UDP. While Esquivel is a better fiscal manager than Musa and Fonseca, or the PUP party; that is not a substitute for reasonable LAWS controlling ANY party, present, past or future political parties on fiscal spending. We need laws creating fiscal frameworks in which policy is decided with lawful checks and balances, we need laws prohibiting party people who get elected from going off wild eyed and bushy tailed on grandoise gambles and schemes. "

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