REPORT #460 March 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

In the Miami Herald newspaper of Jan. 4th., 2002, a letter to the editor from Mel Chasen of Deerfield Beach, says;

"It has taken time to realize that we are in a worldwide war of despotic autocracies against democracies. "

But Belize is declared both a despotic autocracy and a democracy at the same time. Indeed, most of Latin America and the Caribbean countries who adopted their governing systems from European Empire building models are both at the same time.

What do I mean both? Let us examine Belize as a case example. You elect a one party government, give them the Keys to the Treasury and that is the end of it for five years. They rule, lead, or pillage, depending on the cliques, cabals of corrupt individuals in the party. The party is simply an organization like a Cooperative. The purpose of which is to serve the needs of it's membership as in Elected Representatives. The members self interest needs come first, the party second and the nation third. At least that is the way in the Caribbean and Latin America. The legislature is simply a rubber stamp photo copy of the Cabinet and the Senate is an appointed group of sycophants who rubber stamp the legislature. For five years this charade of democracy is passed off as bi-cameral government by the winning party, who continue to reward friends and persecute enemies. Or in other words polarizing society into one party, or the other. In Belize this ratio is usually 49 % to 51 %. Meaning half the population is disenfranchised.

Belize is called by the winning party, a democracy, because the party get elected to power for five years in an election. But they rule, or control like a plantation of serfs, as in a despotic autocracy. There are no checks and balances in the Constitution.

So Belize, is both a despotic autocracy whose people and patrimony are looted each five year cycle, and a democracy also, because the people only have choice of electing one looting political party, or the other, in the five year election time.

The USA State Department flunkies do not understand this fine distinction from their writings, or statements. Nor do USA Cabinet policy makers, when they discuss the affairs of the American Continent fellow 34 countries. Nor does the policy and other leadership decisions take these things into account in the leader of the American continent, the USA. For that matter, the record of media writers and speakers on television, magazines and newspapers also do not understand the distinctions, it is quite apparent. Nor do they seem to care, as their coverage is very shallow.

Yet from my personal experience over a lifetime, I would rather say, that having an elected despotic autocracy is not really a democracy. It is what it is! A despotic autocracy, that Mel Chasen in the Miami Herald quite rightly condemned as the enemy of REAL democracy.

Where goes Belize? Under this political system we follow Jamaica, the leader in the Caribbean for British rule political systems. Over a thousand killed in bandit warfare in Jamaica last year and just this week, thirty armed bandits/guerrillas invaded a section of Kingston shooting up two houses with AK 47's. Killing seven people, two of which were a seven year old girl and her thirteen year old sister. And so blithely follows Belize down this well trodden path of violence and corruption, due to being a prisoner of selfish organizations ( political parties composed of selfish people ) continuing the plunder system of parliamentary government, in a rule of the town, over the countryside and smaller villages.

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