REPORT #47 Feb 1999

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Chief Justice Sosa is going to court and argue his appointment was legitimate because he can only be removed by the Governor General and The Belize Advisory Council.

From this layman's viewpoint, he is correct. Prime Minister Musa and the Supreme Court took a shortcut and ignored both of these, the Governor General and the Belize Advisory Council.

Which brings up two points I will make again, that I have made before. Both of these positions, the Governor General and the Belize Advisory Council in the Belize Constitution are Imperialistic gears and wheels in the machinery of colonial control and empire control adopted from the British, who adopted them in turn from the Roman Empire of bygone centuries.

The idea is, to let colonial peoples debate ("political reform committee") cuss and swear, object and petition, recommend and consult and then just kill whatever they do, by the machinery of the Belize Advisory Council, or the Governor General. Enough time will pass that the furor and fire will have passed and the problems from the dictatorship viewpoint will have also passed, or bought enough time to find other solutions. Like giving the biggest noise makers a salary on government salary, or overseas travel trips, so they feel obligated to support the government of the day rather than cause trouble.

The Governor General is a ceremonial position and he basically is just another mouthpiece for the political clique controlling the cabinet. Made up of cronies of the party leader in whichever party wins the dictatorship under this system.

The Belize Advisory Council is somewhat more subtle. Though not much! It is a direct block, a method of thwarting reform and requests by public clamor that go contrary to the clique that are the elected dictatorship in an ex-colony. When they agree, the Advisory Council will agree. When the clique that are the dictatorship don't agree, the Belize Advisory Council are used to send it back for new committees and more information ( if the clamor is still virulent! ), or quietly shelve it for further study and work. Either way, the problem does not ever get solved and human nature being what it is, other crises occur distracting and diluting the problem. From the viewpoint of the controlling elected dictatorship party clique of cronies.

In any political reform of the Constitution, the Governor General and the Belize Advisory Council need to go! Be deleted. They are empire building colonial controls to retain power in the hands of the masters.

I wish Chief Justice Sosa luck. He is correct. Which doesn't say much for the system.

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