REPORT #471 March 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Primary or Elementary School education in Belize is suffering! The biggest problem facing the government of Belize! Of over 300 schools, 60 remote rural village schools suffer the neglect the most. What to do about it?

Of all the levels of education in Belize, primary, or elementary school is the most needy.

That said, there are over 300 schools in Belize and around 287 communities. If the Education Department in the capital of Belmopan were to prioritize limited funds and resources, then probably 60 primary schools warrant going to the head of the list of needs, for the next two years.

60 rural primary schools found in the remote Toledo District, the Stann Creek District and S.W. Cayo District.

These are schools of children,were often children are teaching children. Where children have to be tri-lingual and speak three languages. Some of which are Mopan Maya, Ketchi Maya, Carib, Spanish and English. Most children speak one language at home, and others at school and with playmates.

Most of the children in these 60 remote primary schools have never seen the metropolis of Punta Gorda. A coastal town of 4000 people, on market day Saturdays.

There are a couple of problems. How does the Education Department in a centralized political governing system, run by politicians and bureaucrats whose interests lie elsewhere in the old congested colonial capital. Supposedly operate teacher training for primary schools in rural areas that are difficult of access? How do you bring teacher training to these 60 rural villages out of 287, for special needs and attention? Who will do it? How will they do it, on a sustained basis? Who will be responsible? In other words, who can you fire, if the job is not done? There are more excuses and finger pointing done for lack of a program than there is any efforts. How can you get teacher aids, of a basic nature to such 60 rural primary schools in remote villages?

Primary school teacher training in Belize is the biggest problem nationwide. But out of over 300 primary schools in need, these 60 communities and their schools are in the worst shape and the most neglected. It seems like for a hundred years! Lots of talk in Belmopan the capital city. But talk is cheap! Promises and excuses abound. But performance, nada!

Peace Corp anyone?

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