REPORT #472 March 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust


Owner: Dr. Trummer, Bill Dixon is on the left, an FAA certified Aircraft & Powerplant mechanic.

Dr. Trummer's son, John Trummer also built a similar kit plane in Corozal and Bill Dixon using their plans and the experience of the first two built planes, simply copied his and used local materials in the form of mahagony, instead of a kit. This of course is how the plane manufacturing industry in Belize is going to develop. By trial and error as it did in Europe and the USA back in the 1930's, then like the Japanese after World War II, you simply copy and substitute and improve through on the spot experimentation.

Photos by Sam Riggs of Riggs Aviation, Consejo Shores, Corozal District, Belize.

Website by Ray Auxillou, of Caye Caulker, Belize

The Ultra Light regulations of Canada "CLICK HERE!"

The Canadian Ultra Light gross weight for ultra light class is 1200 lbs at takeoff. Probably in Belize the gross weight should be higher at around 1600 lbs. The reason for this, is to foster a manufacturing industry in Belize for export. Ultra lights do not require a Pilots License, medical, or plane certifications. They come under the try it and test it method of pragmatic construction experimental class. Since Belize is in competition with the rest of the world, particularly for export plane markets to Latin America, then we need an edge on the stunting requirements of bureaucracy and legislation, in order to compete.

We now have our first THREE Belizean built HOMEBUILT AIRCRAFT in Belize.

Pietenpol wood airplane, automobile engine being built under the mango trees by Belizean, Ray Auxillou. This was the progress up to February 17th, 2002. This Pietenpol, two seater in World War 1 open cockpit, overhead wing design type has been flying since 1929 very successfully. This one is intended for the Mountain Pine Ridge, Roaring Creek Gorge and one sightseeing adventurous photo safari passenger at a time, for a flight headquartered out of Belmopan the sleepy capital of Belize. But if any Guatemalans, Salvadoraneans, or Hondurans want to buy it when it is finished. It will be for sale.

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