REPORT #490 May 2002

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From the Belize Times of this week...

Herbal Elixirs, Health from Mother Nature ÏThere are plants that we walk on without realizing that these same plants could actually save our livesÓ A simple disease is cured differently by a poor man than it is by a rich man; a poor man always seeks his herbsÓ . Mr. Harry Guy Sr.

Exactly nine months ago Mr. Harry Guy Sr., visited the BELIZE TIMES to make known his miracle cure herbal medicine and to voice disappointment after two major organizations, Alliance Against Aids (AAA) and My Refuge Christian Network, whose mission statements include helping patients living with infections and viruses such as HIV/AIDS and Cancer, turned him down with complete disdain by ignoring his humanitarian requests for collaboration. In an interview with the BELIZE TIMES today he said no one yet has shown any concern with the effectiveness of his herbal concoctions.

Last year Mr. Guy offered his assistance to both AAA and My Refuge Christian Network and has since never been contacted. Mr. Guy is positive that he has a cure for the early stages of cancer and a remedy to foil the HIV/AIDS virus. He is well known in Cayo for his knowledge in bush medicine and for his the quality of his herbal medicine. Several patients have come forward requesting his remedies and after receiving his treatment have come back feeling and being healthier than before; notwithstanding, no one wants to collaborate with Mr. Guy to prove whether his medicine is a fake or like he says, better and more effective than any pharmaceutical medicine.

Presently, Mr. Guy still puts out the challenge, since that is what it seems to be for AAA and My Refuge Christian Network rather than a mere request. Mr. GuyÌs business underwent a new change; his business is now called ÏJungle RemediesÓ. Mr. Guy still provides natural remedies for patients. We asked him what he thought about persons, who claim to provide a remedy with chemical solutions, and he said, ÏChemicals bring side-effects and organic remedies are pure and bring no side-effects.Ó

Mr. Guy commented that in Belize there are at least 1000 medicinal plants, of which about only 40% is discovered. The other 60% is unknown, however, very powerful and may cure the diseases, which have always plagued our societies.

Today Mr. Guy showed complete optimism that people could depend on him to cure cancer. He said that he has cured patients with cancer infections, whether it is prostate, breast, or uterus. He urged persons knowing that they are infected with cancer to consult with him, if they are seeking a non-intrusive, painless cure. His elixir consists of a mixture of herbs. Three herbs, which altogether boost the immune system, help fight the tumor and attack things that harm the body, substituting herbs for chemotherapy. One crucial advice that Mr. Guy gives any person with cancer is that they should not eat red meat.

Mr. Guy feels that there is an important need to educate Belizeans about the cures possible found in natural herbs. This, he said, is the only way our country will recognize the importance and begin making a difference.

South America is most advanced when it comes to herbal medicine. Researchers have done a complete survey of their land and have unearthed secrets. Mr. Guy has studied the results made by these researchers and has come up with cures for Colitis, an intestine problem, Hemorrhage, Hepatitis A, B and C, and many other infections. Mr. Guy continues to cure patients that come to seek his services. He maintains that a simple headache or stomach problem can be cured with herbs, rather than buying pills and spending money unnecessarily.

Anyone interested in contacting Mr. Guy can do so at Jungle Remedies, Orange St. San Ignacio Cayo, phone # 824-4117, email address [email protected] or visited at his website,

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