REPORT #492 May 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Well Bush has his Latin American team in place now. It's there, but you would not know it? Despite the fact that should World War hit again, or biological warfare, the survival of the USA will depend on the American Continent countries. Even now, we are the biggest economic and trading partners of the USA. But does Bush care? Doesn't seem so?

While some segments of the U.S. administration bleat plaintive cries about Free Trade policy, at home in the USA, all kinds of barriers and protectionism are being placed by the USA. The President of the USA just passed a BILL with massive new farm subsidies likely to glut world markets, depress commodity prices and lower revenues for farmers throughout the Caribbean and Latin American countries. Last March he imposed protectionist tariffs of up to 30 % on steel imports, which hurt countries like Brazil. Farm subsidies will for instance hurt Argentina, already reeling from local mismanagement to the tune of $1.5 billion in agriculture exports. Little old Belize is already reeling from the disappearance of meaningful prices for sugar and markets. Not to speak of the attack on the Caribbean countries miniscule banana production, through the World Trade Organization acting as muscle for USA international banana corporations.

U.S. farm protectionism exacerbates existing trade tensions with Caribbean and Latin economies. Even Chile, a supposed favored partner of the USA, has not been able to finalize a bilateral trade deal since 1994. Yet Chile has done so already with the European Union.

Bush turned his focus on terrorism last Fall, with good reason, but so far his administration is basically ignoring Colombia, which is being Africanized by European international company interests with anarchy and bandit armies of terrorists, earning revenues from extortion, kidnapping and ransom and drug trafficking. Terror is so wide spread, that even the IRA from Ireland now have a full time branch in Colombia, teaching sophisticated bomb techniques that target the 600 or so government trained bomb squad members with tricky bombs for which they are not prepared. With unique technology of IRA expertise in light switches, pressure switchs, remote radio switchs, mercury switchs and many others. The trained government bomb squad personnel are being eliminated by the IRA trained terrrorist FARC and ELN at an alarming rate.

There is not even a coherent comprehension among the Harvard and Yale graduates throughout the CIA and State Department, concerning the basic differences between European style elected party autocratic centralized dictatorial democracies and the USA model of de-centralized federated consensual democracies. The way these work in practice is totally different in end result. Yet USA policy makers do not even understand the basics of how democracy systems work for results. So how can President Bush expect his Latin American team to produce any meaningful results, unless they understand that changing Constitutions through political reform is necessary to make the 34 American countries a massive economic safe strong powerhouse?

The idea of a Free Trade Zone of the 34 American countries was a good one. With a market of 800 million consumers, we would command the world from the Americas. This was supposed to be done by 2005, but the current USA Bush administration has allowed to get itself sidetracked and is squandering resources and expertise around the world, when it needs to get itself economically back on track within the American countries. Together we stand, divided we fall! The USA as leader of the American continent countries needs to remember that, and Bush needs to re-focus his administration where it will count this next coming one hundred years. Everything else in the world is a side issue.

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