REPORT #5 1998

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

On the Belize Electronic Resource and Development Library site, we have a section titled GRANTS.

There are 30 sources for GRANTS on this site. Some of these access a further 50,000 sites for GRANTS.

There must be a 150,000 or more GRANT sites on the internet. Many do not apply to a place like Belize. We have started sifting through them using three internet outsourcing researchers, on a time available basis.

Because internet research time, is so costly in labor hours and in Belize, such research is not practical because of the pricing structure of internet access, we have made it a priority to find GRANT sources, for the Belizeans who would like to improve facilities, establish new ones and any other need you can identify.

This short list so far, represents 33 hours of research time on the internet, screening less than a thousand grants so far. We have a long way to go. At $22 USA per hour for outsourcing by researchers, this list represents a cost to the Belize Development Trust, of $726 USA currency in research time. It does not cover the cost of the web site, or web master..

There are GRANT SOURCES here for usage by any Belizean covering the following things.

  • Education, schools programs
  • How to write GRANTs, grant forms, and How To Make GRANT production assembly lines for cash flow development.
  • Grants for elementary schools and secondary schools in Belize
  • U.S. A.I.D. grants
  • Hurricane disaster grants
  • Grants for hospitals, clinics, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Poverty grants for self help programs and NGO's
  • Grants for water wells, pumps for rural communities
  • Grants for schools and housing
  • Grants for sanitation in rural areas
  • Grants for small start up businesses
  • Grants for family planning and health education programs.
  • Grants for children services
  • There are many others on some sites, which we have not researched, but which you can look at, to see if they fit your needs.
As we get time, we will add to this short list of sources.

One word of caution about GRANT writing. The rejection rate on GRANT applications is about 95%. You have to persevere to find one, in that 5%, that will fit your needs. Grants are highly subjective things and organizations often follow the latest fads, jargon and buzz words in their fields. Many grant sources are subject to favoritism of the ideas and interests of committees, or receiving secretaries through which they are filtered.

Grant writing and sending of applications is expensive in labor preparation, office supplies,photocopying, ink and postage stamps. Your grant application should include sufficient margin to cover these extra hidden costs.

There is still difficulty in Belize with accessing the internet. The National Library Service say they are working on getting public internet access terminals open in the districts and rural areas where they are needed the most.

In the meantime, the following schools are supposed to have internet access, as of March 5th, 1998.

Benque Viejo - Mopan High School
Benque Viejo - Mount Carmel High School
San Ignacio - Sacred Heart College
Orange Walk - Muffles College
Corozal - Corozal Community College
Dangriga - Stann Creek Ecumenical College

As far as we know, there is no internet terminal access in the capital Belmopan, Independence, Seine Bight, Punta Gorda, San Pedro Columbia, Caye Caulker. This situation is fluid and both the internet committee and the National Library Service are working on these shortcomings.

If you wish to develop your local area through sourcing GRANTS, use this list. We have attempted to save you hours of research time. Even so, be prepared to spend a minimum of one or two hours on the internet, even using these sites to get what specific information you need. If you should find some other suitable site, then please E Mail it to us for screening and including on the Belize Electronic Library Project.

NEWS RELEASE- There is supposed to be some $12 million Bz per annum allocated by Belmopan to be used for poverty and community development programs. We do not have any hard facts on this. But the highway loans for the UK, repayment schedule is supposed to be set aside for this and must be used up. I am presuming the biggest portion of this will go out to the public and NGO's that are formed to supply this type of localize out sourced servicing. This is why we have included samples on the GRANT list of GRANT writing, applications and other self learning formats you may need to apply for some of this money, to be applied to programs in your rural area within Belize.

CHALLENGE TO BELMOPAN BUREAUCRATS- We here at the Belize Development Trust offer a challenge to the bureaucrats that will handle this GRANT process for poverty and Community Development Programs.

In order to assist you and make your work more efficient, send us the information you will need for GRANT applications, from Belizean project supervisors and NGO's. A description of the sizes of grants, the reporting and auditing requirements and any other appropriate information. We will assemble this information on a WEB PAGE, mount it on the internet and LINK to it, for the Belize Electronic Resource and Development Library, for public dissemination, FREE OF CHARGE to the government; as a patriotic public service to the nation at large. We feel it is this important, not to waste any time.

Properly, this also should be put on the Government Web site, but the last time I checked a month ago, this project had stalled out and nothing was being done. We are far more efficient and will GUARANTEE, if you send us the information via E Mail, we shall have it constructed in Web Page format, mounted on the internet and accessible to the public within 24 hours of receipt.

Your information and requirements will then be available to the Belizean public, at least those that can get access to the internet through their school students that have access and also to your masters in the UK, cabinet ministers the other side of the pond who want accounting for what you are doing. No three month mail delivery, or typing reports. England's bureaucrats will be able to see what you are doing, as fast as you do.

Please send this information to [email protected] of Dangriga.

Additionally, on this Electronic library for Belizean Development, you will find all kinds of assorted things, such as sources for Venture Capital. How to prepare Business Plans for Venture Capital, How to make 12 volt windmill generators, converting automobile and motorcycle engines into aircraft suitable engines, how to build your own airplane, sailplane, parafoil, motorized parafoils, ultra lights, plans for developing your school, computer labs and hookups for schools, tropical agriculture, small business advice sources and many, many other useful bits of knowledge.

Go to your local High School that has internet access and take a look! is the URL http address.

We welcome ideas and sources of http addresses for useful subjects for Belize Development. Volunteerism is always good for the soul. So we invite Belizeans abroad to take a half hour a day sometimes and find us some useful bit of knowledge worth including on the Electronic Resource and Development Library. Right now we are looking for European Union GRANT resources for the Caribbean area and stuff on shrimp ponds and farming, tilapia tank and pond farming, as examples.

Together, WE CAN make a difference!

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