REPORT #502 June 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

If one takes the time to read into the stories of DDT, it is interesting to see how much money is spent to achieve nothing.

The following statement helps to explain why Africans are so poor they do not have the $5 to buy screening.

"Most Ugandans scratch out a subsistence living, growing bananas, coffee, tea, corn, tobacco or cotton. Mangos and papayas are grown alongside eggplant, tomatoes and beans.

Despite being astonishingly green and extraordinarily fertile, more than 35 percent of Ugandans live in poverty, on less than $1 a day."

I hate to harp on this subject, but any country who remains in basic agriculture instead of manufacturing will always be poor.

Then one reads this....

"According to surveys in rural Africa, most want a bicycle first, a radio second and a plastic bucket third. The musling mosquito bed net comes in at No. 6, he said."

So, instead of pissing away all the aid money sent there, just build a bicycle factory, an electronics plant and a plastic injection molding facility. Maybe if they have jobs, they will be able to afford a net!

Better yet, let them build a DDT factory and let them use it. And export some to Belize while they are at it!

Pathetic pandering to the eco-idiots of the West will kill more people than any terrorist organization in the next year.

Just my thoughts,

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