REPORT #516 August 2002

by Ray Auxillou

The two major politicial parties of Belize have agreed to pass death penalty legislation promptly, circumventing the British Human Rights run Appeals Court traditionally used, as a court of last resort; which had been subverted by the Human Rights Organization in the UK, to inaction.

The death penalty is often misunderstood! After the announcement in Belize of a joint multi-party approval of death penalty legislation, to execute a series of Class A murderers; the Human Rights Organization of Belize, followed the traditional arguments of Britain and have attempted to re-open the debate on the death penalty in Belize.

The trouble is; that the Human Rights people are misguided and using the wrong arguments, if there are any such valid contrary arguments? The main thrust of the AGAINST the death penalty people, is that the death penalty does not serve as a deterrent.

I will concede that the Human Rights people are correct. The death penalty does not deter crime, or murder. But this argument has no point in the application of segregating the killing of others into classifications, such as Class A murders in Belize.

The human population has small percentages of a variety of different inherited genetic and instinctual types of people. We have a percentage of homosexuals, of religious fanatics, of people who get rich, of people who are self destructive addictive types and so on. Genes and instincts in the human population are accidental inheritence. We do not breed humans the same as we do other animal species. Yet you can breed dogs, horses, sheep and many other animal species for specific traits. Strengthening some and weakening others. We can do it in the vegetable kingdom too. In humans, we leave it to chance! It does not have to be this way, but we do for a variety of reasons.

That said, I had an Argentininean Dogo, a dog that had been bred to kill mountain lion cats and protect sheep herds, in Patagonia. I brought up that little puppy from when it fit into the palm of my hand. A sweet loving effectionate dog. At the time, I had a Golden Retriever and a Dalmation also. Eventually, my Argentinean Dog with Pit Bull genes, learned instinctively as it grew as a puppy, to kill neighborhood cats on my morning walks. Nothing I could say or do, made any difference. That loving dog, must have killed thirty cats from neighbors around an eight block area.

While the Dalmation and the Golden Retriever would chase cats, they would prance and bark at a cat, as it turned around and hissed and clawed at them in self defense. Not so, my Argentinean Dogo. That dog saw a cat moving three blocks away and would relentlessly with a speed unbelievable, dash straight in. The cat that did not run and climb a fence or tree, was dead in seconds. Any cat that turned in self defense was lost.

The Dogo bored in and broke it's neck, or back first rush. No second chances. One day, that Argentine Dogo chased a man on a bicycle and bit his foot. The man said he could sue, but fortunately did not! I struggled with a decision for three days, but saw there was no choice. Instinct and genes are stronger habitually than any kind of reason, love, affection, or training. I put my favorite dog to sleep at the vets. He was too dangerous. I had to protect society.

The choice in Belize to put to death Class A murderers is a choice to protect society from genetic and instinctual breeding that crops up as a small percentage in the wild human population. We leave it to humans to breed wild. Some, a small percentage are like my Argentinean Dogo, instinctual killers. There is no hope for them. We leave them live in the general population until they kill. But it is the classification system, that identifies them. Not a breeding program. Once they kill, we must remove them from society to protect the rest. We cannot change their gene and instinctual inheritence. These people are just unfortunate. In time of war, they make excellent killers as expendable soldiers on suicide missions. But in time of peace, they endanger society and the social fabric. It is the duty of politicians to protect society first. And the removal of Class A killers is part of that duty. There is no rehabilitation, no crime deterrent intention. You are simply removing killers who have bred so accidently in the uncontrolled human genetic mix.

The proposed death penalty legislation is about protecting society, against uncontrolled impulses based on instinct and genetically based in a small percentage of our human population. There is no other solution! The two political parties in Belize, the UDP and the PUP have made the right choice. They must go for the greater good, that is their duty.

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