REPORT #52 Mar 1999

Produced by the Belize Development Trust
California has been successful for several years now with some new laws to control violent crime. It is now being considered for the whole country at the Federal Level.

The law in most parts of California now make it a mandatory 10 year sentence for a crime committed with a gun. If the gun is fired in the course of a robbery, the mandatory sentence with no time off for good behavior is 20 years. If a victim is wounded in any way, it is 45 years with no reduction in sentence, or time off for good behavior.

The statistics being touted in the USA Congress for passing these state laws at the Federal level are reductions in violent crimes in California counties anywhere from 22% to 45% a year.

I talked about this sort of thing back some five years ago in the book, "The Future of Belize is Yours to Make!" Well here you have it in practice and there are around 11 states already with similar laws and similar violent crime statistics showing reductions.

Something to think about for Belize! What say, give it some debate and thought?

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