REPORT #522 September 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

We still have a centralized government unable to bring government department services to the rural villages! Something wrong with the PUP ? They cannot manage the country as a nation; only as a plantation with the headquarters in Belize City the port. Great big expense to rural people every time they want something, or need something from a government department.

In order to upgrade your voting card, a person from Caye Caulker has to travel to Belize City, lose a day or two, and costs a $100. And most probably have to make a second and third trip to boot. That is a ridiculous advantage for the port town folks in administration of government and unfair. It also concentrates population in one town for the government access conveniences. Government just costs too much for the ordinary rural citizen, about 200,000 people of the 250,000 people in the nation of Belize. This has got to change mon?

I presume the same is true for the Social Security card? I know it is for the passport also. This is crappy government departmental managment and services to the population of Belize.

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