REPORT #525 August 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

"There was a rumor a few months ago that the PUP Cabinet insider wheeler dealing clique, thought that; Belize is too small to have more than two competing Telecom companies. How frightening is that prospect??" Sr. Ric!

How frightening? I expect they are pushing for a revolution and violence with their rip off attitude. But that is for a younger generation to contemplate.

There is only three months left, before the BTL monopoly is officially finished. Is there going to be a fair and level playing field in telecommunications in Belize?

Said Musa the Prime Minister says there is, but qualifies it to his friends ASHCROFT AND GODFREY. But how about the rest of us?

Will anybody, be able to go plunk down $50 for a telecommunications license in January and be able to start up there own cellular phone company in Belize City, or Orange Walk, like television and radio stations, or drivers licenses? Will you be able to put your own towers, or make deals to use existing towers and be an internet ISP, or cellular telephone radio service, or make a deal with AT&T like they do in Florida and sell INTERNATIONAL AND LOCAL PREPAID PHONE CARDS? There must be a hundred prepaid phone cards in any gas station and convenience store here in Florida.

The customer gets the benefit by competition and lower prices and better service choices. No matter who does it, a company still pays it's taxes. So, the government does not lose. The loser if any; are politicos with stock investments with Godfrey, or BTL, or under the table payoffs, or perhaps some political party campaign contributions.

So what choice will Ralph and Musa and the rest of the PUP cabinet make for three months now? A real open transparent telecommunications market in Belize, or a pseudo bunch of politically connected crap monopolies? What do you think? Only 12 weeks and counting!

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