REPORT #528 August 2002

by Ray Auxillou


I am guessing there is a pollution contamination problem. But for many years through the 1960's and 70's into the 80's I counted Pelicans for the University of Corpus Christi, Texas toxic contamination counting. For Dr. Henry Hildebrand. Pelicans are at the top of the food chain and pescticides show up in the Pelican count.

It was natural to continue to count Pelicans which I have been doing these past 10 days in Belize. The count has me worried.

I only have six Pelicans counted for Haulover Creek in the center of Belize City. Four in Placentia and four in Caye Caulker. Normally such a trip would run a count of 50 to 70 Pelicans and all big ones adults mostly.

I saw no adult Pelicans, only juveniles.

Back in the 1960's it was found the Pelican count went down in the Gulf of Mexico due to pesticides being in coastal waters and getting into the food chain. My guess is this has happened in Belize.

It needs to be cleaned up!

What happened in the Gulf of Mexico after labratory tests and scientific studies, is that they found the egg shells did not develop properly and were thin skinned. Thus unable to come to term for hatching.

Whatever the causes in Belize? There is a definite drop in the Pelican count in Belize signalling trouble in coastal waters. Take it from a long term old colonial hand who counted Pelicans for many years.

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