REPORT #532 October 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

The battle royal over the BTL monopoly and $141 million dollar local market, which had seduced political party leaders with shares and alleged bribes comes to an end in January. Manuel Esquivel himself, the past UDP party leader and an ex-Prime Minister is revealed in a photograph in the Reporter newspaper of Oct.6th at the recent annual BTL meeting, in which Ashcroft votes his majority vote in favor of cutting the dividend. Esquivel the past Prime Minister it turns out cuckolded the Belizean masses as he argues for more blood money sucked from the Belizean public. I always thought he was arguing and voting for the government. Now it turns out, he was voting for himself.

No wonder we could not get any telecommunications Cabinet Minister under the UDP to take BTL to court over the monopoly contract and the theft hi-jacking by BTL of the ISP internet business? Not only was Esquivel deceitful, he was unethical and obviously in a position of CONFLICT OF INTEREST during his term in office. If Prime Minister's and Cabinet Minister's do not have their holdings in a blind trust operated by somebody else; who is going to protect the Belizean masses interests and protect them from Capitalism run wild and exploitation by unscrupulous persons? POLITICAL REFORM HAS GOT TO COME. THIS POLITICAL CRIMINAL SHIT HAS TO STOP! THESE TOWNIE POLITICIANS ARE WORSE THIEVES THAN SOUTHSIDE DRUG GANGS. Southside port town drug gangs are killing each other over $300 deals on street corners, while the port town Cabinet politicians are looting tens of millions of dollars incurred as Foreign taxpayer Debt it seems like, according to the newspapers? The drug gangs need to get smart and go after Cabinet Minister's. That's where the money is in Belize! I've been given gossipy estimates that the skim by the PUP this term of office exceeds $50 million to $150 million of the $1 billion debt that the PUP borrowed. That in fact the debt had to be incurred and contracts issued to get their 10% as this is their last term in office, as the UDP left the Treasury empty? Development will not come and mediocricity cannot be beaten under such a governing political system as rules in Belize today is my opinion.

On my recent 10 day tour over central Belize, I counted around 17 Star Band 3 ft. dish transmitters in Belmopan, in just a few streets that I wandered. And I did not cover the whole capital. Throughout the country that I travelled, whether in rural Stann Creek, Cayo West or the Cayes, there were innumerable Star Band transmitter, or Directv satellite dishes for internet transmitter and receiving service. I must have counted about 46 at least and I was not even looking for them! By extrapolation there must be over 400 people with so-called illegal internet satellite connections in Belize forced by the BTL monopoly and poor service, with accompanying scandalous ripoff charge rates. I met and saw at least two wireless systems covering multiple networked computers, so there are probably a dozen or more, already functioning and was told of one or more infra-red tower relay systems doing basically the same thing. I've been quoted at least 275 systems by one installer customer of satellite internet systems and there are half a dozen or more installers doing that work. So you do the math? All of these are currently functioning illegally without a license, but theoretically should be able to get a license and be legal in January. Not so, the Prime Minister alleged arch-telecommunications political crook is quoted as saying in the media. It gets hard to know what to believe these days, you can only tell by their actions? The Belizean media war of words goes on, for personal enrichment it seems to me.

Ashcroft the BTL majority shareholder is quoted in the media as saying, he will pull in services and only work the high paying profitable concentrated telecommunications services from now on. It is the intention of BTL according to the media quotes, for BTL to abandon rural services. No loss there! Since basically that is all he and BTL have done anyway in a 14 year long monopoly, barring the last 18 months or so. And it turns out that Esquivel, ex-Prime Minister of Belize and the current Prime Minister, Said Musa are themselves unethical, or criminals depending on how you intrepret things? Plenty of unethical political CONFLICTS OF INTEREST to go around, in this huge $142 million telecommunications Belizean market. If left to either the PUP or the UDP political cabinets, the Belizean consumer is definitely NOT going to get a FAIR AND LEVEL playing field for telecommunications. Lots of paid assassinations for hire in Belize these past few years, but nobody is killing Cabinet Ministers yet? A person has to wonder why not, over a $142 million captive market?

Ashcroft the BTL majority shareholder who had his falling out with the den of thieves running the Peoples United Party Cabinet, himself is quoted in the Guardian newspaper as saying his former partner thieves are not interested in a fair and level playing field. Supposedly this was actually said at the shareholders meeting, or something along those lines, with a bit of added color language.

WHEN POLITICAL CROOKS OF THE CABINET AND savvy businessmen fall out, look out for some smoke and fire.

Interesting article in the Guardian on the investigation by Ashcroft, the CAPITALIST exploiter majority shareholder of BTL, about his alleged investigation and intent to buy out a bankruptcy holding interest by the supposed Spanish investor in alleged Godfry, Fonseca and Musa owned INTELCO. It's hard to follow the crooks in the Peoples United Party cabinet machinations, because most of them are lawyers; into politics to LOOT BELIZE during this five year term of office, it is becoming increasingly clear. This also comes from the GUARDIAN the Opposition newspaper rag, so impressions have to be tempered with the political mud slinging going on in an election year. Issue of Oct. 6Th, 2002. At any rate the article reveals that there was never any agreement with AVANZIT to buy into and back INTELCO, a private firm of the apparent CROOKED POLITICAL PUP cabinet; that was awarded exclusive contract to cover the country of Belize with WIRELESS for schools and government services. Laudable in it's overall declaration. But in practice, a service that would cost about a million a year to run and being billed to the government and your money, or foreign debt burden at $12 million a year, if memory so serves me right, payable by you and me the taxpayer. Ashcroft is quoted as claiming this is a RETIREMENT PLAN for the CROOKED BUNCH OF PEOPLES UNITED PARTY, POLITICIANS RUNNING THE CABINET. Supposedly about a third, to half of them are crooked; who preplanned to LOOT BELIZE during their term in office, at your expense and debt, I am told by numerous people who should know, in casual insider gossip. I believe it too! You can't believe every bit of gossip, but after four years, their actions sort of indicate the truth.

The same article in the Guardian entitled about a "WIDE LOOP OF LIES", obviously a pun on a non-existant service. Quotes Ashcroft, the BTL majority shareholder, once in bed with the boys in Blue and White ( the Peoples United Party cabinet ) as saying to his staff at BTL last year, when thieves fell out and turned on each other; as Godfrey's INTELCO being the RETIREMENT PLAN for the boys in the Cabinet. For better details read it in the Guardian Newspaper. I only know what I read in the media and have no inside information. But I certainly believe this article which is rich in detail that could be easily checked by an investigative reporter, or INDEPENDENT PROSECUTOR. It is a hell of an article for anyone studying CORRUPTION CHARGES AGAINST THE PEOPLES UNITED PARTY CABINET NOW CONTROLLING THE GOVERNMENT OF BELIZE.

The nut here though; is will licenses be available to all comers, to make legal existing operating systems and invite competition in the telecommunications market come this January? If the PUP CABINET is really crooked, they are going to defend their INTELCO and any subsequent camoflage spin-offs by not opening the telecommunications market under some lies or other. You will know them by what they do in January? That's what I figure! Until then I reserve judgement.

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