REPORT #537 October 2002

by Ray Auxillou

As of Oct. 1st, 2002 the new Telecommunications ACT of Belize takes effect, controlling licenses. Most of which are believed, will be politically applied by the party controlling the one party rubber stamp government used under the defective old fashioned colonial style Belize Constitution.

A cursory review of the ACT, finds that while the Public Utilities Commission ( a rubber stamp political body ) will apply the restraints on licensing, the ACT sets out a heavy handed control economic licensing idealogy of the 1950's and 1960's; when the Prime Minister of today was an alleged young Marxist, along with some other members of his party. This ACT represents an authoritarian economic viewpoint long considered obsolete by world events and recent economic changes of the past decade. Probably, influenced by the PUP party leader, Said Musa; who aspired to political dictatorial power as a young man back then and adopted the trappings of the communist state during his formative rebellious years. This ACT represents a sort of compromise between outright Communism theology and a sort of newer compromise, leftist socialism used by centralist one party run rubber stamp governed states.

This type of Telecommunications licensing ACT and heavy controlled bureaucratic, politically dominated licensing in telecommunications, can only retard the economy of Belize and keep the country stagnant and behind the times in development. These type of license controls are used often in Europe by one party run states, primarily to favor corruption, on the British Exploitation of the public masses method, of the politico-business complex, unholy alliances type arrangements, of the Victorian Age European economies. This ACT in no way represents successful economic systems used in the world of today, in which economies are intermingled, business is trans-national and the competitive profit market operations create development using the latest technologies on the cutting edge. This telecommunications licensing ACT intends CORRUPTION and ECONOMIC STAGNATION.

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