REPORT #538 October 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Ran across an article and newsflash on television the other night. It was a story about all the Florida and other USA commercial pilot training businesses. Particularly those with simulators for big jet airliners. Seems like they are laying off workers like crazy and probably to go bankrupt. Those simulator machines were in warehouses about 40 feet tall and three stories high on television.

Apparently foreign pilots are trained in the USA for the transition from small twin engine business jets, to the big jump to Commercial jumbo airliners. But with new regulations the business has basically had to shut down. The paper work and visa requirements for foreign pilots to upgrade their skills and procede up the training ladder in commercial aviation has been closed down now in the USA. Or more they say, it has become so time consuming and impossible to put all the bureaucratic requirements together within a time frame available for trainee pilots, the commercial pilot training businesses are going belly up.

A bunch of Airline Pakistani pilots for instance were schedule to do their annuals and upgrades for their new airplanes with the airlines they work for, but are unable to get into the USA. So the business is now going to Australia and places in Europe.

Belize has the Sam Riggs Agriculture Pilot International Training School, moved here from Oklahoma over at Consejo Shores, nine miles from Corozal town. Now if BELTRAIDE really were gung ho, they would get off their ass and at a minimum, start composing e-mail sales pitches and send all the commercial pilot training schools with simulators in the USA and particularly Florida and invite them to move to Belize and set up shop. Join Sam Riggs down here in Belize.

Great place to train foreign students in jumbo jets in Belize.

OPPORTUNITY! One countries troubles are somebody elses opportunity. So BELTRAIDE, are you going to get off your ass and send somebody to sell Belize at USA training schools? MOVE TO BELIZE MON! What a sales pitch. Write your own regulations or do without! WE WELCOME YOU! Red carpet treatment. Import your equipment duty FREE and get a TAX FREE CONCESSION!

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