REPORT #542 October 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Any new party that planned to run on a Political Reform platform in Belize, should be aware of new studies out on political reform movements. The essence of which is that; any political reform party in Belize would have to move very fast! Whatever package of reforms they planned on, would have to be legislated within eight months of winning the election.

The studies of Political Reform movements show that they have to move very fast, or otherwise become absorbed by the entrenched interests. The status quo is easier to maintain and mediocre performance as expressed in the forty year performance of successive Belize governments on the elected dictator exploitation spoils system of one party rule, written originally, allegedly for this purpose by Courtenay and Musa lawyers of Belize; would absorb and weaken any newly elected political reform intentions, to convert the Belize Constitution to a participatory democracy on the style of the USA.

Currently, the government of Belize is run on a Constitution which favors rule by Robber Barons, exploiting the tax base and credit of the nation and manipulation of the fellow elected representative members of the ruling elected one ruling party system. Control of the party cabinet is kept by the Robber Barons using the paternalistic party leader, reward system of patronage and cash and ministerial posts and cash flows.

The conclusion is; that Belize needs a new Constitutional Political Reform party and that that party would have to implement a wide basket of legislative constitutional reforms within the first eight months of office; or lose the momentum for reform to the entrenched interests of the manipulative Robber Barons and deadwood weaker malleable members of their party.

See Belize Development Issues on the internet, for Belize Political Reform ideas.

See the PUC Public Utilities Commission manipulative new legislation for advantage of the Robber Barons within and without the ruling party style autocratic government - Regarding the control of the $142 million dollar Belize telecommunications bonanza. The biggest financial game in small Belize.

The sad part is that there is no such political reform party on the horizon and interested citizens in political reform are unwilling to do battle with the entrenched interests of the Robber Barons ruling Belize. For fear of persecution!

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