REPORT #549 November 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Two million signatures were delivered to the government of Venezuela run by Marxist dictator wannabe, President Hugo Chavez this past week. 42 Boxes of signatures and petitions calling for a referendum on Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez. The electoral council has to approve the referendum question?

But contrast this, to the Referendum Act of Belize, carefully crafted to DENY Belizean voters any right to make referendums in Belize on anything! The only one who can call a Referendum in Belize is the dictatorial ONE POLITICAL PARTY, that controls the government.

In Belize, the demand for Political Reform and democratization of the governing process was acceded to; in the demand for a Referendum Act by the incoming party this term, the Peoples United Party during their campaign promises. But in a show of cosmetic reform, what the incoming Peoples United Party did in Belize, once they PROMISED CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM AND A REFERENDUM ACT was simply to pass an ACT that had no meat to it. In a hypocritical show of power, corruption, exploitation politics, a Referendum Act was passed as promised, once the PUP won the government for five years. But they denied Belizeans the right to call REFERENDUMS if any group of voters could collect 5% of signatures on a petition at the local level and 2% of voters signing a petition calling for a Referendum at the National level.

This Peoples United Party ( cabinet ) were liars and cheats is my opinion! They should not be voted back in, this coming election. They have insulted and made a mockery of any democratization growth in Belize.

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