REPORT #557 November 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

RE: Software writers

Because of my background, I get a lot of inquiries from Gringos who want to come down here and write software, usually for international clients. (Java, etc.) Of course, the BTL internet service is so bad that it really isn't feasible. I tell them that they will have to do all of their down/uploading in the middle of the night. (Shades of mainframe programming in the 60's & 70s!)

Plus, conceivably, I could have the need to hire some programmers. So far, in my scanning the Belizean fields, I have found one (count him) one Belizean young man who seems to have "the right stuff" to be a programmer. There is a small firm in Belize City the port town, that is doing web programming -- but they really don't know how to analyze & design. Nor does anyone, it appears.

Sr. Rick/USA citizen retired in Northern Corozal Town, of Belize.

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