REPORT #560 November 2002

Produced by Ray Auxillou

In preparing some study papers for this coming new election year, I was boning up on different aspects of how Belize is governed. Mostly to see why things do not work? I was particularly looking for checks and balances because obviously if there are any, they do not work.

In persuing the RESEARCH, an intriguing bit of information came off a Belize website that said there were five senators in the Senate. Two from the ruling single party and two from Opposition and one from the Belize Advisory Council. That did sound on the surface as if it should work as a check and balance to the Legislature which is a rubber stamp for the winning ruling one pary dictatorship.

On further delving into this SENATE makeup, to see why the SENATE in fact did not and does not work as a CHECK and BALANCE to the Legislature, another setup came up on the internet that was even more wierd and apparently the current setup of the SENATE in Belize. It immediately becomes obvious why the SENATE does not work! The SENATE is a RUBBER STAMP for one party dictatorial rule.

It says that the current SENATE makeup in Belize is comprised of eight persons. Five of these are appointed by the ruling winning political elected dictatorship, two persons are appointed as Senators from the elected Opposition groups and one person is appointed by the Governor General. Supposedly an impartial person, but not necessarily so, and his appointment to the SENATE is supposed to be at the recommendation of the Belize Advisory Council. I was trying to find out the makeup requirements of the Belize Advisory Council also, but was unable to do so. Be that as it may, it does not really effect the Senate makeup, which is stacked in favor of any ruling elected dictatorial ruling winning party.

In other words, the deck in the SENATE is stacked, as a rubber stamp body to any winning one party rule in Belize. At a vote ratio of 5 to 3 in favor of the ruling single party. There is therefore, no CHECK AND BALANCE in Belize legislative matters. The ruling political party are dictators with carte blanche over any and all laws and legislation.

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