REPORT #570 December 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

The Peoples United Party won the past elections four years ago in Belize. Currently in our one party winner take all system the Peoples United Party ( PUP ) is supposedly the ruling party of Belize. But is this really true?

In the past, previous reports for these four years have referred to a port town political mafia, or a CABAL within the PUP that actually rules Belize. In inference, we state that not the Peoples United Party rule Belize; but that the party is a mechanism, or tool for a few to rule the nation of Belize as a fiefdom. Or a plantation.

In previous reports, we have discussed and hopefully shown that the SENATE with it's eight APPOINTED Senators is a rubber stamp for the Legislature. Because the majority of the Senators are appointed by the winning PUP. This majority of appointed Senators negate, or cancel any CHECKS and BALANCES in the so-called democracy system. The Legislature we know is ruled by the ruling party elected representatives, so there is no worthwhile debate there; though the Opposition get to vent their frustrations, but in the end can do nothing to stop the passage of legislation.

The conclusion is that then, the so-called bi-cameral legislature might as well not exist? The Senate and the Legislature are show pieces, a CHARADE of democratic function without any meaning. The POLITICAL POWER lies in the CABINET. The Cabinet in turn is made up of ALL members of the PUP. And as someone recently pointed out to me, a few APPOINTED SENATORS also.

We have studied the system in previous reports and found that for all intensive purposes the 10 electoral positions in the port town of Belize City, control the Belize government and the political parties. Yet not all the PUP winners of one or more of these port town 10 electoral divisions are pro-cabal, or family dynasty oligarchy. So how do allegations of a PUP CABAL, or mafia group work?

Well there is a unique piece of legislation I am told by mainlanders that allow the subverting of a Cabinet made of PUP elected representatives. This legislation allows for APPOINTED SENATORS to be made CABINET MINISTERS.

In a Cabinet in which 10 townie elected representatives, or less, can control a political party; in turn, that PUP political party Cabinet can also be subverted by increasing the number of Cabinet Ministers from the port of Belize City. How do you do this without winning elected seats?

Simple! You APPOINT your cronies as SENATORS. I'm not sure how many appointed SENATORS are unelected Cabinet Members? But there are two I am familiar with, out of a possible five PUP appointed Senators. These two I know of are; Dickie Bradly a crony of Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca, and Assad Shoman, a long time confidant and crony in their previous Communista days of the Peoples United Party leader, Said Musa. These two are UNELECTED Cabinet Ministers from the port town. In truth, no elected representative should be a Cabinet Minister, but that is another argument for another time. It is a conflict of interest! The job of an elected representative is to debate legislation and fight for their constituency in the LEGISLATURE of Belize, not serve in a Cabinet which has a different function in a democracy. If more of the PUP appointed SENATORS, are also serving as Cabinet Minister's, I'm not familiar with the local port town machinations enough to be aware of their names. But somebody can tell me? I know of two and there is a possibility of five more.

But this does alter the political power equation in the CABINET which is supposedly now the ONLY governing body of the country of Belize. The SENATE and the LEGISLATURE being shown as a rubber stamp CHARADE. I'm not sure how many of the port town controlling electoral division seats in the port of Belize City the PUP have? But when you add your cronies, by appointing them SENATORS and thus qualifying to make them UNELECTED CABINET MINISTERS, you defacto rule Belize, using the PUP Cabinet as a SHAM and front organization to do whatever you want with the Treasury and other institutions of government. The outdistrict number of rural elected representatives always have a number of old time PUP veterans who know where their bread is buttered and will go along with the controlling small group of the port town PUP mafia, no matter what. The rest lack the votes to do anything in objection and usually retire in disgust and frustration. In effect, a hard core of four people from the port of Belize City, so long as they control the party as party leader and the Treasury and the signing and assigning of elected representative cheques and travel allowances, control the CABINET. Using appointed SENATORS as Cabinet Ministers is just security to make sure that the rest of the PUP go along with what you want in Cabinet votes.

In previous studies, we have shown how both the LEGISLATURE and the SENATE of Belize no longer exist in any practical function. They are a charade to fool the outside world that Belize is a democracy. The CABINET rules Belize, but the CABINET in turn is ruled by a CABAL, or mafia group. Composed of a few elected members and appointed unelected Cabinet Minister members from an appointed Senate.

Now you think about it in terms of self enrichment, political power, government contracts, fiefdoms and dictatorship. What would you call it? Some of you intellectuals are better at describing this common Latin American governing phenomena of family mafia dictatorship, posing as a pseudo democratic charade, with a better vocabulary than this simple subsistance fisherman. But Musa RULES Belize! He is the absolute MASTER of the nation of Belize with the help of his long time family friends of the port town. There is no effective OPPOSITION, either from another party, or even within his own Peoples United Party. The political party is simply the pretty box in which the dictatorship is wrapped. Or what is your opinion?

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