REPORT #576 December 2002

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

One example:

Santa has been good to me!!

Just got word my last order of machinery is being shipped from India this week. Good!! Looks like they will get here before the war starts.

This order is so crucial. Two old style 6 HP listers -- that is single cylinder -- 650 rpm -- rather than the twin cylinder -- 12 HP -- 650 RPM one I run now.

I also ordered a life time supply of 10 foot long V-belts -- all kinds of extra pulleys -- spare engine parts for both -- and last -- but not least -- a cane crusher.

One Lister is to run the flour mill I already have here -- 500 lbs per hour production rate -- uses stones for grinding -- 100% efficiency -- but I also have a spare set of grinders -- made from steel -- for rough grinding stuff.

Plan is to make coconut trash flour -- then very high protein bread.

The other Lister will run the small cane crusher.

I'll bet you all that before next Christmas my vehicles will all be converted to running "strong-rum" -- not by choice -- probably by necessity. And everyone else here will be using bikes -- animal drawn carts -- or walking.

It will also be a good time to buy a truck cheap! Which I'll convert to gasohol as well. do like the old times here -- put a tarp cover on the back and lots of benches and be the only "bus" still running in Belize!!

Also -- my two four stroke Honda Outboards -- and my one four stroke Yamaha outboard can run strong rum for fuel as well.

So probably be the only "boats" out there as well.

Seriously -- where this country thinks it is going to find credit or foreign exchange to keep buying fuel is beyond me.

So yes -- making gasohol is a great niche industry for local market here in Belize. but don't sell it -- use it to move things around with -- when no one else can.

I have an extra Volk's gasoline engine -- these are very tough and long living -- but I am going to put a tiny little carb on it -- run it at now more than 1000 rpm to produce about 14 hp -- instead of the normal 110.

This to run my 3 phase 480 volt power plant generator I have already in stock.

Figure Belize will no longer have foreign exchange to pay for that continuous 28 megs they get from Mexico. So plan to be the small utility company here in Xaibe.

I will "trade" power for cane and workers! That gives me free gasohol for the vehicles.

Lot of folks are just in denial -- so they are going to get caught "short".

Me -- I'll prepare for the worst -- the best looks after it's self.

Now just telecommunications left -- but no problem.

When we run out of gasoline, diesel and electrical power -- I figure to get a sat set-up real cheap -- as people that got them can't use them without power!

I sleep better at night knowing there are solutions -- and that I am working at filling in those blanks.

Rose probably sleeps just as good not thinking about anything.

But a lot of smart people are so deep into denial during their waking hours that the truth can only break through during their sleeping time -- and they don't sleep well.

Anyway -- not suggesting others do what I am doing -- to late anyway.



Dear Sir,

Received your E-mail dated 23.12.02. We are please to inform you that the goods will be shipped by end of this week. We shall send the details through E-mail in a day or two.

Thanks and Regards


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