REPORT #586 January 2003

Produced by the Belize Development Trust



( Please answer the questions and return! )


1)  A Senate should be elected officials


geography, or districts.

yes____,    no ________,   undecided  ________

2)  A Senate should be proportionally elected?

    yes _____,  no _______,  undecided  _______

3)  Senators, cabinet members, legislative

representatives should be seperate bodies of elected


     yes ______,  no _______,  undecided _________

4)  District, town, and  villages should have

elected police chiefs to control police services by a person

representing the voters of those jurisdictions?

    yes _______, no  ______,  undecided  ________

5)  The police should be controlled by a political

party as is done now in Belize?

    yes  ____,  no  _______, undecided  ________

6)  Would you vote for your constituents desires,

against political party drafted legislation?

    yes _____,  no  _____,   undecided  ______

7)  Would you vote against your party on matters of

conscience with regard to legislation?

    yes  ____,  no  ______,  undecided  _______

8)  The Cabinet should be an elected management or

collegial body with no powers of ministerial


    yes_____,   no  ______,  undecided  ______

9)  The Senate should be an elected body,


geography in Belize, or districts against the

legislature population representation, for a check

and balance in the system?

    yes ______,  no  ______,  undecided  _______

10)  The five year term of elected legislative

representatives has proved to be 2.5 years two long

in forty years of Belizean practice.  Would you vote

for a reduced term of three years for elected


    yes______,  no ______,   undecided  ________

11)  Would you vote for term limits, of two terms

for elected office, to stop corruption and dictatorial

tendencies developing in Belize?

    yes______,   no _______,  undecided  ______

12)  Would you support an elected Prime Minister on


national ballot?

    yes ______,  no  ______,   undecided  _______

13)  Would you support a one year Prime Minister on

rotation from the Senate?

    yes _____,  no  ______,  undecided  __________

14)  Would you support a one year Prime Minister on

rotation among the Cabinet, by Cabinet vote?

    yes _______,  no _______,  undecided ________

15)  Would you support an expansion of the


Act in line with other countries, to having public

participation allowed to call referendums by


 At a ratio of 2% of registered voters for national

referendums and 5% of registered voters for local


     yes  ______,  no  ______,  undecided _______

16)  Would you vote for mandatory debt limits on

foreign borrowing? e.g.:  20% of five year annual

GOB earnings with freeze until foreign debt went below

12% of five year annual GOB revenues?

     yes _______,  no  _______,  undecided _______

17)  Would you repeal the life pension for

legislature members?

     yes ______,  no ______,  undecided _________

18)  Would you repeal the Indian Hemp laws?

     yes _____,  no ______,  undecided  _________

19)  Would you support a bill to give property

owners subsurface mineral rights?

     yes _____,   no _____,  undecided ________

20)  Would you support the staggering of electing

representatives, so one third were elected each

year, like Belizean Cooperatives?  To avoid the formation

of corrupt cabals within the government.

     yes _______, no ______,  undecided __________

21)  Would you support the repeal of the Musa

dictatorship law prohibiting party members from

crossing the aisle in the legislature?

     yes_____,  no ________, undecided ________

22)  Would you support a law banning the holding of

multiple government positions, to fight corruption

in government?

     yes _______, no _______,  undecided _______

23)  Would you repeal all Ministerial Discretion

Cabinet Minister rights and change Belize to

management by laws?

      yes _____, no _______, undecided  ______

24)  Would you require by law an annual budget act,

requiring 50% of national revenues be mandatory

distributed equally to each district?

     yes ______,  no ______,  undecided  ________

25)  Would you approve of a District elected

Commission of nine members, to manage national

distributed revenues and grant national law

provisions, within their district, as set down by


     yes _____,  no _____,  undecided  _______

26)  Would you support an Act that dissolved the

legislature and called for new elections if the

government finances were not audited each year?

     yes _____, no _______,  undecided _______

27)  Would you support a law that cancelled tax

concessions to any favored business that required

foreign exchange to pay dividends, or profits?

    yes _______,  no ______,  undecided ______

28)  Would you support a law, limiting tax

concessions to only NEW business in a NEW field of enterprise? 

Eliminating multiple follow up tax concessions to

copy cat businesses.

  yes ______,  no _______,  undecided __________

29)  Would you support the establishment of a

National Bankruptcy Act?

   yes  _______,  no ______,  undecided _______

30)  Would you support elected judges for rural,

village and towns?

    yes ______,  no _______, undecided ________

31)  Would you vote for a restructuring of our

policing system?

     yes _____, no _______,  undecided ________

32)  Would you support legislation to accept private

sales of electricity to the national distribution

grid under some standardized formula, open to all

citizens and entrepreneur companies? To enable Belize to

survive catastrophic climatic disasters.

     yes _______, no ______,  undecided ________

33)  Would you vote to support an expansion of the

Village Council and Town Acts to require a quorum of

council members present, to approve expenditures of

funds and require a set of books and receipts for

same, or guilty members suffer mandatory jail time

penalties?  Embezzlement has been common in the

current system!

    yes ______,    no  _______,   undecided ________

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