REPORT #597 January 2003

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

On the internet you will find on the Belize Electronic Library the NEWS section. If you go to Belize Cabinet News, you can find a list of Embassies abroad and also quite a very nice layout of numbers of voters per division for the 29 electoral divisions of Belize. One division, one elected representative. Sounds fair, but it is not.

If you look at this well laid out website by civil service government people in the electoral department, you will note, that while there are 29 electoral divisions, the graphs show that by numbers of voters, the Belize District has 36% of all those elected representatives nationwide.

On the surface this seems fair enough by population representation rules. But study the graphs a little more. You will notice that those 13 Belize District seats, when the legislature is emasculated to void the opposition members, through the policy making of the country being given to a Cabinet, made up solely of a majority of 29 winning party members; that the control of the government of Belize jumps from 36% of control of the country government of Belize in the Legislature, to a dominant Cabinet, with all members of the winning party made Cabinet Members. In this case the ability to make laws jumps to 100% control through a shift to the Cabinet. With only winning party members allowed in the Cabinet.

It gets even worse. The law says you can APPOINT non-elected party members if you are the winning party to five, of eight Senators in the Senate. If you appoint 5 Senators to the Senate, the next law says you can now give those non-elected Senators Cabinet Posts, or make them Cabinet Ministers along with your 29 elected representatives as Cabinet Ministers, diluting the elected representatives. Since the use of a huge Cabinet has already usurped the duties of the legislature and castrated the Opposition members left out in the cold remaining frozen impotent in the Legislature, the ratio of Cabinet control goes to the port of Belize City lawyers, who with the addition of five appointed Senators to the ruling body of the Cabinet as non-elected Cabinet Members. The winning party now control 62% of the law making ability of the nation even with including the elected opposition left out in the castrated legislature.

That is a big jump for the Belize District, from 36% of the voters of the nation, to 62% of the voting control of the nation. It is all in CONTROL, not in the votes, or elected representatives.

THINK ABOUT IT! Another law says your party members cannot cross the aisle and join, or vote with the Opposition. You must vote the party line! So if you dissent and are a rural district elected representative of the winning party and you get some other rural representatives of the controlling party to dissent also, you still could not outvote the CONTROL of the Cabinet Members of the Belize District alone. Even if the Opposition have a couple of Belize District seats and even if a few winning party members dissent the control of the Belize District clique from within the Cabinet. The rural "supposedly majority" voters representing 64% of the votes and "will of the people" in an election, lose it to the Belize District and in particular to the port of Belize City, through the machinations of eliminating Opposition members in the Legislature and shifting law making and policy making to a Cabinet of winning party members. Even if some winning party members of the Belize District dissent against policy, or legislation, they are outvoted by importing up to 5 tame Senators who are given a salary by being appointed to the Senate and made Cabinet Members, with the obligation of voting the town cabal policy view.

Do the math! It is interesting the manipulation in how the control of the government of Belize, is managed by port town lawyers.

HOW TO STEAL A NATION ! Course 101 ( UBC?? )

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