REPORT #598 January 2003

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

In any government, you are going to find a cabal, a clique, the GOOD OLE BOYS running things, either directly, through front elected proxies, or from behind the scenes. This is just human nature! Subjectively speaking, the law profession does seem to have more corrupt individuals than the general population anywhere in the world? But there are honest lawyers and corrupt white collar criminal lawyers anywhere.

In Belize, the nation itself and the government of this nation, was basically hi-jacked by a cabal within the PUP party for the last five years. The previous Report on Development Issues, "How the Lawyers of Belize City steal the Government of Belize from the Nation's Voters!" explains the mechanisms of perverting the elected representative process based on population representation, through manipulation of the Senate, the emasculation of the Opposition in the Legislature, by sliding control of policy to the Cabinet and the use of Appointed Senators made Cabinet Ministers to isolate and nullify honest objectors within the PUP party from the manipulation by the GOOD OLE BOYS!

Who are the GOOD OLE BOYS in the nation of Belize? From news media reports, my opinion is that these are mainly port town lawyers. Said Musa of course, even Opposition Leader Dean Barrow has the same aspirations, the Fonseca bunch and behind the scenes manipulators, the Courtenays, of the Courtenay Law firm. There are of course a number of associates to the 'GOOD OLE BOYS' manipulation of the system, to gain CONTROL of the Nation of Belize and the Government of Belize that runs this nation. There are also a few innocent dupes and fools being taken advantage of.

It is hard to stop these things from happening! Self interest, greed and the lust for power are strong emotional motivators.

But are there solutions?

Well yes! Voters can stop voting for the GOOD OLE BOYS and throw them out in the next elections. That is a partial solution! But human nature being human nature, they undoubtedly will find a way to get back control through proxies and other means. How can the NATION of BELIZE get back representative democratic control of the governing process and subsequently the development management of the country of Belize?

As we can see in the previous report, the machinations and manipulations of this GANG of GOOD OLE BOYS from the port of Belize City are dependent on a number of laws that they have had passed, favoring their cynical manipulation, using their control system within the PUP party.

If one were to vote for ALL the INDEPENDENTS in the FEDERATION OF THE WTP this coming election in five weeks hence. It might be possible to rectify the laws of Belize to make it difficult for a bunch of manipulative individuals from the port of Belize City ( the old Colonial Capital ) doing this again. Both Said Musa lawyer of the PUP and Dean Barrow lawyer of the UDP are against any such changes, for obvious reasons.

What exactly would be needed? I refer you to the previous report on "HOW THE LAWYERS OF BELIZE CITY STEAL THE GOVERNMENT OF BELIZE FROM THE NATION'S VOTERS!"

Some things are obvious?

1) An ELECTED SENATE, based on two Senators per district. Senators being elected the fourth year, of the five year legislative term. But in essence an ELECTED SENATE whose election is staggered to that of the Legislature. A geographic balance by the Senate to population representation that is supposed to go to the 29 electoral divisions of the nation in the Legislature.

It is through an appointed Senate that the GOOD OLE BOYS have emasculated the law making process. The use of appointed Senators, as Cabinet Ministers also enabled the GOOD OLE BOYS to eliminate, or reduce the objections of elected representatives within their own party. Through the use of Appointed Senators, the GOOD OLE BOYS of the port of Belize City stacked the deck against their own PUP party elected representatives for control of the policy making process.

2) The CABINET was used by the GOOD OLE BOYS to eliminate any debate on policy by any elected opposition members. By using ALL winning PUP party members as Cabinet Ministers, the PUP effectively shifted the policy and law making ability from a Legislature to the Cabinet composed of only one party. Through the use of appointed Senators given Cabinet positions, objectors within the PUP party itself were made impotent. Instead of a debate on laws, based on 29 electoral divisions representing a nation of interests and voters, we got a concentrated CABAL of port city GOOD OLE BOYS in a Cabinet controlling the policy making decision process.

Another law that forbid party members from dissenting against party policy, or crossing the aisle to vote with the opposition in the confirming legislature. Effectively nullified any debate and ability of the opposition in the legislature and objectors within the PUP party to deny passing of laws deemed suitable by the GOOD OLE BOYS of Belize City. The GOOD OLE BOYS emasculated the Legislature, the democratic process and through the use of tame appointed Senators, and outwitted and closed out any objection within the PUP party itself. They outvoted them through this strategm.

Obviously again, to defeat this strategm from any new group, be it the PUP, or the UDP or even the WTP Federation of Independents after this election in March, we need to correct the use of the Cabinet. Perhaps like the Government of Florida, we need to elect by popular and geographic district vote, Cabinet Members. There are six districts, one Cabinet Member per district and one for Belmopan the National Capital? A law limiting the Cabinet to seven ELECTED by popular vote.

Another problem with our Cabinet situation in Belize, is the use of Cabinet Ministerial Discretion. Which basically nullifies any laws of Belize by veto, or decree by a Cabinet Minister. We need to eliminate this Cabinet Ministerial Discretion and turn the ELECTED CABINET into simple oversight managers similar to our Cooperative Managing Committees operating by procedures defined by LAW. Let Cabinet Ministers be a managing oversight body operating within defined procedures and rule of LAW, similar to that of Switzerland, or the Government of Florida. Such law defining Cabinet Members duties set by the Legislature and Senate.

3) We of course have to delete or cancel the laws preventing party members from voting with the opposition, or by conscience, or in the interests of their constituency, or by crossing the aisle.

4) We of course have to delete, or cancel, or eliminate the practice of conflict of interest issues, in the unethical use of Senators and Legislators as Cabinet Members.

CAN WE GET BACK CONTROL OF THE NATION for the voters in every district? We can, but the above are minimum requirements to do so and become a representative democracy.

Both the UDP and the PUP have shown themselves corrupted by port of Belize City lawyers. It is time for a CHANGE and while there are no guarantees, we do know, that we WILL NOT get that change from either Said Musa, or Dean Barrow. Their expressed media opinions make that clear. They want things the way they are. That leaves the Federation of Independents under the WTP as the only group offering HOPE for a representative democracy in Belize. The decision this election is yours, the voter of Belize. Take back your country and government!

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