REPORT #601 February 2003

by Ray Auxillou

Politics raises it's ugly head when members of the same family support different political viewpoints.

My daughter Tina is miffed with me, because she supports the UDP and Dean Barrow. I claim she was co-opted to influence me and my writings. My other daughters are PUP and I have elected to go with the Independents this time around, the WTP.

Man the barricades and a lot of war within a family! ( CHUCKLE AND GRIN! ) You can smell the verbal gunsmoke from the rockets they are firing in daddy's direction.

My own view is that the PUP failed this term to do anything useful to build the nation of Belize. To me it is in the structure and organization. Don't get me wrong. I like and respect what little I know of Said Musa. Can't say the same for Ralphie, though I am sure he is a nice smooth talking pleasant man. But I've been conned so many times in my life, I can recognize a con man almost immediately. Said Musa gets my respect, because he is an astute politician using the British style. In that, I think he has done what any politician using British politics would do. He has been extremely successful in making laws to consolidate his power. It is there we differ in opinions on how Belize should be run. I prefer the style of a Federation and decentralized. Said wants to be a one man show in the British Style. My belief is more like the way they run the Visa Card corporation around the world for running Belize.

But there are other attributes to Said Musa the Prime Minister. He has had the POWER and the CONTROL to have instigated massive persecutions of perceived political opponents these past five years. Using the various departments of government to do so at his dictatorial disposal. He didn't do it at all, that I know of? That to me earns the man a great deal of respect! His mentor predecessor George Price was an entirely different person, with no qualms about exiling people out of the country, ruining their business and having his bully boys beat people up and influence with the police and use of government departments. The difference between Said Musa as party leader and Prime Minister, and George Price who went before him is like night and day. Said Musa is a much better man than George Price ever was, and in his own lights and in his own opinions. Said Musa has been a good man for a Prime Minister in a dictatorial position. His restraint has been remarkable! Power seems not to have corrupted him?

That we differ on how the government should run, is fine by me. Two men and two opinions. But the restraint of persecution opportunities that he has had, after my experiences with George Price in his day, leaves me with an admiration for Said Musa the man. I had feared for the worst. It didn't happen! I'm sure there were some PUP party lower rank and file persecution stuff, but nothing coming from the PM's office that I heard about?

Mind you, there is no hope in my opinion for his way of running the country. But that's okay! We can differ in a friendly competitive manner. I wouldn't vote for the PUP this term. They are failures in my opinion. But that is a different story for another day. It doesn't change my opinion of Said Musa. I like the guy and in his own views he has done a good job, fairly with character and restraint. For that I praise and admire him.

Dean Barrow on the other hand, I know not at all. Only what I read in the media. Never met the guy. I was all set to push his campaign over that of the PUP, with the hopes we could get the necessary budget balancing, the political restructuring to make Belize a participatory democracy. But the election is only 5 weeks away and so far, nothing he says has been encouraging. His 80% mandatory loan borrowing limits is ridiculous and insulting. He does not want a seperate Senate and a seperate Cabinet, or a seperation of functions in government. He does apparently want what Said Musa currently has, the complete control and power. I doubt he will persecute people either, so that is to the good marks for the man. But essentially, Dean is looking to have all the POWER that Said now has in the PUP. So there is no difference between the men and their two parties. Dean seems to be counting on the backlash vote to get in. Can't vote for that, or support it either. Despite the wailing and crying from my daughter Tina who thinks highly of the guy. So that puts me and my children and my ex-wife ( their mother )on three different sides of the fence.

Time is short, the cards are on the table and to me the WTP loose Federation of Independents is the only game in town! Not that I don't think there are a bunch of opportunists and scoundrels in there running as Independents? I'm sure there are! But nobody knows what the hell they are going to choose and vote for? There is going to be one huge debate if they can sweep the seats for the legislature. How it will turn out might be better and conceivably it might be worse! But CHANGE is needed and the DEBATE is what this country needs in my opinion. So for better or worse, the WTP independents is the slate to vote for, is my decision for this election.

Good luck to Dean Barrow and Said Musa, let the voters decide. See you at the polls and the barricades mon! For a better Belize! ( hurrah! Clap! grin! )

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