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REPORT #603 February 2003

by Wendy Auxillou

Dearest Dad:

I am very proud of you for the choice you have made to support the independent candidates in this election. As the winds of change blow slowly over this country of Belize that I love, long will you be remembered to my children and me as a hero of Belize - an individual who gave selflessly of himself, against ridicule and hostility many times over - simply because you believe Belize can and should be a better place.

Belize needs more heroes like you. Maybe some day I will be able to (in my own stupid way perhaps) help to blow the winds over the entire nation beside you.

Change is imminent in Belize now. I can feel it. And, it makes me joyful! If not in this election, then just maybe next election the country of Belize might reap the benefits of the seeds of change you have planted, seeds that have given so many of us hope for the future of our children, hope which just a few short years ago seemed unlikely.

Dad, I love you. You were always my hero. I am glad to know that others have also begun to notice your hero status.

With love,
Your proud daughter
Wendy Auxillou (VERY proud to carry your last name)

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