by Ray Auxillou/ Belize Development Trust

Stewart Krohn of Channel 5 expresses an unhealthy attitude toward the democratic changes of Belize, typical of the Belize City electorate in his internet interview with the WTP today.

In an on-line news release Monday night, it almost seems Stewart Krohn of Channel 5 is against redistricting the electoral divisions in a more equitable manner? In his interview with Francis Gegg, Coordinator the WTP Federation of Independent Candidates, he ridiculed the expressed desire of the WTP to have the Governor General stop the dismissal of the Legislature, until re-districting has been done according to Constitutional LAW and to apply standards of fairness and equitability to the population representation system of the nation and people's of Belize.

The Cayo District according to the recently published statistics of the Elections and Boundaries Commission should have three more electoral divisions. The Belize District and primarily Belize City should have seven electoral divisions consolidated into four electoral divisions, losing three seats.

Stewart Krohn did raise the question of why this was not requested before? Mainly because in past elections, the only parties were the UDP and the PUP who are dominated by the machinations of crooked political lawyers in Belize City. It was to the advantage of Belize City lawyer run parties not to lose their numbers of control seats. Nor were public statistics available before. But in the new information age and the constant improvement in statistics in Belize, this is the first election where such information was freely available to people outside of the ruling party in the public domain. It may be noted for instance; that Myrtle Palacio the person responsible for re-districting has twice in the past month denied the WTP representative and coordinator, access to the voters registration lists. This is political victimization and dirty politics! The ELECTION is being subverted and stolen before the Governor General even begins to ACT.

Stewart Krohn queries whether the Governor General will abide by a request to insist on re-districting to make the elections fair and representative of the population of voters before dissolving the legislature.

I could answer: THAT HE HAS NO CHOICE! This is a population representation system and it is currently illegal in the electoral divisions representing the people and voters of Belize. To do any other than insist that FAIR REPRESENTATION be honored for a fair election, giving all Belizeans a representative voice, the Governor General must NOW, that a formal contesting political group has requested it, honor democracy. Cayo wants those three political electoral divisions in the government they are being cheated of by the PUP and UDP. The other five rural districts peoples of Belize, want Belize City to lose that which is not theirs. Which is three electoral divisions too many in the government of Belize. The UDP and PUP city run parties are CHEATING!

The Cayo District should get three more electoral divisions or be cheated! The Belize District should lose three electoral divisions or retain an unfair advantage in the coming election.

Obviously, both the two traditional two parties want to retain this illegal status quo in electoral divisions. This gives Belize City an inordinate amount of political power, out of proportion to their population size in any government in Belize.

Neither the Election Date, or the closure by the Governor General of the legislature are dates set in stone. It is the responsibility of the Governor General to see that there is FAIR PLAY in the election. That is his duty! To do otherwise is to deny the office of the Governor General credibility and any useful place in Belizean politics.

The excercise of redistricting should take no longer than one, or two days. I personally could do it in 3 hours ALONE, with access to the statistics.

An attitude of dismissal of re-districting is so obviously CHEATING and STEALING as to not even be worthy of an answer. Except it is the other districts of Belize and their populations who are being cheated! Or 64% of the voter population of Belize are going to be cheated of their place in the new government of Belize by the landslide election of the WTP Federation of Independents, through manipulation by Belize City lawyers of the UDP and PUP.

Currently, Belize City and the UDP and PUP of this one town, the old colonial capital with 10 electoral divisions have 34% of the 29 elected representatives. The other five districts in Belize have 65% of the elected representatives. If re-districting is done, the city lawyers controlling the UDP and PUP will be reduced to 24% of their capability to control the party politics. The other five districts will gain and get 75% of the control of the government of Belize. There are other manipulations of why the lawyer controlled cabals of the city two major parties control Belize, but this correction by re-districting would give the districts more chance to balance the theft of the population representation system by both the UDP and the PUP city lawyers.

The Charitable NGO, the Belize Development Trust supports the request of the Governor General made by the WTP Federation of Independents to do redistricting before the election. If not, we move into the International Arena for support. Stealing an election in Belize before it starts is not going to be done without a fight for democracy and fair population representation.

The Governor General has a job to do. Let him do it, or disappear from the scene of politics in Belize forever.

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