REPORT #605 February 2003

by Ray Auxillou

List of Government Changes to be labelled POLITICAL REFORM by the WTP Federation of Independents.

Just added the Governor General position in the Belize Government as one more item to be deleted from the Government of Belize Constitution for the WTP Federation of Independents, new government.

As I see the Governor General position; it is one that is the Queen's Representative and supposed to protect the population against dictators and predatory politician mafia gangs. But I note that not only in the African ex-Colonies, but now in Belize also, the position of Governor General is intrepreted by the person holding that office, as more of a traditional anachronistic relic of Empire. He is supposed to do certain things in the function of the Constitution, and nearly always they mention "IN CONSULTATION" with the Prime Minister. In other words, I translate that the Governor General is a safety switch, a safety valve intended to use discretion against mafia political groups and murderous thieves who steal governments? Apparently, traditional intrepretation makes this position of Governor General an ineffectual, wasteful piece of pageantry without any meaning, or meat on the bones, translated by that office as OBEDIENCE to the Prime Minister. The Governor General position in the past 50 years world wide in the Commonwealth system, including Belize is nothing more than a piece of pageantry, which glues Belize subserviently to the UK monarchy.

After this poor performance and mockery of democratic function and failure by this particular Governor General, Colvin Young to protect the population of Belize against a predatory lawyer, Prime Minister by ensuring that the Constitution was implemented to re-district the population voter statistics in the parliament; it will now become an issue for legislative debate and a BILL to dissolve the position of Governor General from all functions of Constitutional Law and Association in Belize and the position if it is retained at all, will be that equal solely to a UK Embassy, similar to any other foreign consulate or Embassy, with functions exactly the same. The Governor General of the future in Belize will play no role whatsoever in the Belize Government and Constitution. The large population of the Cayo District can do nothing but weep and wail at this betrayal of their Constitutional rights, when the City Lawyer, Prime Minister, Said Musa just stole the Cayo District three electoral divisions to which they are entitled in the Legislature and gave those three electoral division seats to himself and cronies in the port town of old Belize City.

There is no worse feeling, or betrayal, than to put your faith in a system of democratic checks and balances that turn out to be mud, useless dross; when you need them. And the Governor General's position has turned out to be a useless piece of bull feces manure. The man and the position he represents on behalf of the Queen is nothing more than a useless turd!

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