REPORT #607 February 2003

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

For foreigners reading this listserve. It is a National Election in three weeks.

Here is a tidbit to allow you to understand fear, terror and persecution in the exploitation British system of government we inherited in Belize.

The police are beholden to the political party Cabinet Ministers. The Police Commissioner is the top boss, and his job depends on political direction and patronage. The police chief is not an elected entity, like in a democracy. What does this mean? Well in the UK a huge population, it probably wouldn't mean too much. But the assassination in a classic car bump through the tunnel murder, of Princess Diane and her murder, predicated on the supposedly white supremacist viewpoint of the monarchist government grey clothed civil service multitude, governing the political departments in England might give you an idea; when she was apparently pregnant and going to marry this brown skinned Arab fella, descended from colonial Arabs in Egypt. He was a British billionaire, but that is beside the point. Diane was already the divorced mother of the future, white KING OF ENGLAND. Can't have a stepfather, being a sleezy brownskinned native ARAB, rich or not, in the Royal Family. People might see the dilution of color and blood in the Royal Family, as a reason to vote the monarchy out of office?

But getting back to Belize. I was told third hand; so until somebody closer to the scene and facts check this out, take it with a grain of salt; that remember the old couple in Dangriga, who had a farm in Hopkins on the coast? Well apparently they had been filing complaints of police brutality against the locally posted police officers in Dangriga, for various citizens. Lo and behold the police raid a remote empty farmland the couple own and claim to have found some marijuana. The old couple are arrested and now having to put bail and go to court. At first, I on this list, assumed that the police were just FRAMING the couple out of spite, to shut them up about local police brutality. And if you recall, kept asking on this listserve and in public if the Police Commissioner had fired these constables?

It was so obvious the old couple were being framed and persecuted by local national police officers. So why didn't the Commissioner fire these rogue crooked cops? One had to wonder at the lack of action and orders to do so from the party leader of the PUP, who happens to be Said Musa the Prime Minister.

Well the plot thickens! I've just been told that the old man is a Belizean lawyer and is running as an INDEPENDENT candidate in this election in Stann Creek against the PUP candidate. So now, it looks like from the outside, that there is a political angle of persecution to this, just like the old days of George Cadle Price who used these very same tactics during his twenty years of a reign of terror and persecution as First Minister and Prime Minister. Forcing perceived political opponent people into exile and ruining their businesses and livelihoods.

Sometimes however, lower echelon police under George Price beat up people, made false arrests and other things, to gain promotions, and pay raises from the politicians. In a politically run police force this happens. Other times, they were just over zealous lower party members who decided to take things into their own hands, with the casual nod of the head, from a political Cabinet party leader.

But the new information out of Stann Creek, indicates that this is more sinister than first look? That indeed this is political intimidation and persecution by the PUP Cabinet Ministers, and one could draw the conclusion that Said Musa the Prime Minister is condoning said FRAMING of a political opponent, because so far, he has not ordered his political appointee the Commissioner of Police to fire those retard bully boys who are police officer muscle thugs in Dangriga, who so obviously framed this innocent old couple.

Now I am told third hand, the man is a lawyer and is running as an Independent candidate in the national election against the controlling PUP in this system, the case takes on a whole new meaning. Of political persecution and intimidation! Especially when you note there has been no political orders to the patronage job of Police Commissioner, to dismiss the case and fire those rogue cops. Looks like these Dangriga cops are definitely being used as traditional political party dirty enforcer thugs, during the election, like in George Price days. Remember George Price is Said Musa's mentor and is still in the Cabinet this term.

Maybe Susan, you the Oregon lawyer on this listserve can now understand that none of my daughters will run for political office in Belize. They have young kids and mortgages to feed. They are afraid, young in life and can't take the chance. The Sales Tax assessment was a warning of political intimidation. Somebody already a week ago told me, a civil servant from Belize City that this was so! But there is no way to get backup proof, or I would take things into my own hands.

Maybe what Belize needs is a lie detector and practicioner in the private field of business for law suits? Or the other solution I am working on; which is to resoundingly beat the PUP at the election by the WTP Federation of Independents in a landslide vote. Even the UDP have proven to be better than the PUP, when it comes to ethics.

Said Musa has really disappointed me this term! I thought he was a better man than he has turned out to be? With the theft of the three electoral divisions from the Cayo District, given to his political cronies in Belize City, which is an attempt to stack the deck and steal the election from Belizean voters, along with the 15 year monopoly signed over to the Novelos Bus Company; it sure looks like George Price is running the PUP election campaign and not Said Musa.


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