REPORT #626 March 2003

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

For a thousand years the Roman Empire ruled. They used Legions and Governors. The governors agreed to the posting for a fixed fee in raw products and cash (from taxes) to Rome. Any taxes over that they got to keep. Plundering of the third world for Rome worked well for a thousand years.

In the Middle Ages and Fuedalism, we got the rise of monarchies, Kings and Queens. Same deal, but fragmentated on a smaller scale.

About the year 1400, gun powder cannons came into vogue, or technological changes.

About 200 years ago, the Europeans through technological improvements started Empire building again across the known world. They made some improvements. They officered native trained troops to do the same thing the Romans did during the Roman Empire. To reap tax money and products.

With the production of industrial goods and technological change, a hundred and fifty years ago, colonies became not only sources of raw products and money from taxes ( wealth ) to the monarchists, but also markets for goods.

About 50 years ago, the equation changed. It was found that you could continue colonialism, by using sole native rulers. The secret was the experience started during the latter Feudal Wars, with bankers. Bankers owned the monarchs who owned the countries and colonies. Monarchs often killed the bankers on pretext to wipe out their debts. But the advent of banking created a hidden more subtle set of rulers.

In the last 50 years, with the advent of more sophisticated banking and ruling techniques, you still accomplish the goals of colonialism by creating treaties, the IMF, and the Global Village, a euphanism for around the world agreements and treaties that benefit the previous Imperialists. ( G7 countries )

It played to the psychology and human nature of monarchists and then later this new group of democracies. No monarchy, or civilian government, or set of politicians have ever been able to stop the growth of bureaucracy and government. The political system of native rulers simply repeat the mistakes of others over these past two hundred years. To the advantage of the G7 today of the creators of the Global Village. It is called PERPETUAL DEBT!

The tools of enslavement are reaping from the Third World , taxes and crops, and are no longer done by a resident Governor and a Legion of mercenaries. Native rulers do it to their own people, based on the need to get re-elected and maintain their incomes and status quo of living standards, or wealth. They cannot balance a budget! To many party people to give jobs to, too many cousins, too many in their constituency to support off taxes. There are quite well trained sophisticated scientific presentations made to sell growth through GDP loans to native rulers of the third world. All based on the premise that you can maintain your wealth as a native ruler ( politician ) and get re-elected. The enforcement is not done with soldiers anymore and a greedy governor. But done through multilateral treaties and agreements in the financial arena. Something the third world has not quite figured out yet? Certainly not in Belize. Still the third world lose their earned foreign exchange earnings and are farmed like any old time Roman Colonial Empire. The only exception are Lichenstein and Switzerland where bankers rule. But the difference elsewhere is that they do it through native rulers to themselves.

A new paradigm in governing or politics would be required to balance the budget. Something any politician in the existing system will never do. First comes his own wealth needs. Or human pyschology through GREED, or lust of power.

It is much easier to see these phenomena in a small place like Belize, than say India. But understanding what is happening and making the necessary political paradigm changes within an existing democratic political system is proving impossible for ruler pyschological reasons. And as the history of the monarchies of the Fuedal Ages show, up to 50 years ago, the phenomena of the growth of bureaucracy by political need has only really been met a few times by military dictators, mostly found in Africa and South America with relatively short term results. What the future holds for the third world is unknown? But currently the global village financial and trade mechanisms, have re-colonialized the third world and the native rulers are doing it to themselves through PERPETUAL DEBT! Copying the record and failures of the monarchies during the last 800 years or so.

In Belize, the PUP and Prime Minister Musa are the current native rulers and they too lack the ability as so many other third world countries find, to alter the colonialism and reaping of foreign exchange as a third world crop by the bankers of the New World Order in the Global Village. There are solutions, but none which would protect the privileges of the native rulers around the third world. New paradigms require national patriots, or military dictators and that commodity is in short supply and goes against the very real phenomena of pyschological dependence on the current system, to maintain one's standing in society and the income and wealth that puts one as a ruler above the crowd. Belize like most of the rest of the third world, has been re-colonized by their own emotions, greed and faults of human pyschology. The national earned foreign exchange flows abroad to pay off the foreign loans to support a bloated bureaucracy within Belize. Just imagine it, nearly the whole town and old colonial capital of Belize City is supported annually from loans made abroad. To the tune of over $400 million a year with a national annual government revenue average of $380 million or so.

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