The playground rules have been designed to help keep the playground safe and enjoyable for everyone at The Island Academy.

1. The playground may be used between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
2. The playground is off limits on weekends and during non-school hours.
3. When playing on the playground equipment, SAFETY comes first! This means no pushing, pulling, shoving, or harming others in any way.
4. SHARE! Take turns so that all may enjoy the equipment.
5. Only ONE student is allowed on a swing at a time.
6. No bottles or food are allowed on the playground at any time.
7. Promptly report any accidents to a teacher or nearby adult.
8. No foul language or unsportsman-like behavior.
9. Softball demands special safety considerations. Students must always construct a batter's box. Only one student will be allowed in the box at any time (the catcher must stand behind and outside of the batter's box). Throwing the bat outside the batter's box is an automatic out. No practice swings outside of the box. Students breaking these rules will be barred from playing softball. There must be a teacher or appropriate adult present at all times.
10. Breaking any playground rules will result in disciplinary action and a loss of one's playground privileges.

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