For all offenses of the student code a detention will be served. Misbehavior in detention will result in an automatic one day suspension.
All students will be subject to The Student Code, but students in Beginners, Infant I and Infant II will be dealt with largely by their teacher except in unusual circumstances.
PROGRESSION After three detentions in one quarter, a fourth detention will be served in the form of a one-day suspension, with a parent/teacher/student conference.
A student receiving a second detention for a major offense similar to the one that resulted in the first detention will receive a one-day suspension, with the required conference. This rule is in effect throughout the entire academic year.
After receiving three suspensions in an academic year, a review will be held and the Disciplinary Committee will have the choice as to whether or not to
permanently expel  the student.
SUSPENSIONS One-day suspensionS will be served on a Wednesday. Parents or a guardian and student must attend a parent/teacher/student conference at 8:00 a.m. on the required Wednesday. All work should be collected at this time and the expectations of The Island Academy with regard to the suspension will be explained. No student will be allowed to return to school until this conference has taken place. The suspension will be in force until the end of the school day on the morning the conference is held.
In the event of any other suspension, a conference will be held on the first day of that suspension and continue for the prescribed duration.

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