As the world continues to shrink and become a global society, all students must develop an appreciation of individual differences and gain a broad perspective on the world as a whole.
The student body at The Island Academy, as well as the faculty, includes people from all over the world. Special bonds form between people who learn, work and play together. It is through this bond that we will all discover that even with our differences we are all very much alike.
At The Island Academy, students are encouraged to contribute their own individual talents, strengths and perspectives to all of the student body and the faculty.



The academic program at The Island Academy is designed to provide the student with courses that will optimize their potential and prepare them for the future.
To graduate from The Island Academy, students must successfully complete courses in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish. Enrichment courses consisting of Art and Physical Education will also be a part of the curriculum, to name a few.
Students will be provided with opportunities to participate in charitable programs with the community and the school. In conjunction with the local Catholic church, students will also be able to participate in Holy Communion and Confirmation.

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