The grading system used to report progress for students in Infant II through Standard VI is on a scale of 60-100 with a 10 point spread between letter grades A-D. A numerical effort scale will accompany letter grades and comments about the student's progress will be reported twice a year, at the end of each semester.  Beginners and Infant I report cards will largely have comments about their academic progress accompanied by an effort mark.
Report cards are issued four times throughout the year, quarterly and at the end of each semester. There are two semesters throughout the year, from the start of school to Christmas holidays and from the start of the New Year until the last day of classes.
To move on to the next grade all students must finish with a GPA (Grade Point Average) of C- or better on their final report card of the year. A C- is the lowest passing grade at The Island Academy. Students maintaining an average below C- will receive academic warning.

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