Students must remain in full school uniform at all times during the school day, except when it is appropriate to do otherwise. Permission from a faculty member is required to change out of uniform except for sports. Students should be neat and tidy at all times. It is a reflection of The Island Academy when students are in uniform, therefore, they must conduct themeselves accordingly at all times, whether in school or not. All students at The Island Academy are expected to adhere to the uniform dress code as listed below:

Boys:  Polo shirts (solid colors only)
Khaki shorts or pants   (*shorts above the knee will be enforced)
Socks and tennis shoes
Girls: Polo shirts (solid colors only)
Plaid skirts (skirts at an appropriate length)
Socks and tennis shoes

Socks and tennis shoes are a required part of the uniform. There will be no platform shoes, sandals or slides of any type allowed with the regular uniform. Special dress days will be announced and shoe attire addressed at that time.

Phys. Ed.: The Island Academy t-shirts
(available for purchase in the office)
(*shorts above the knee will be enforced)
Socks and tennis shoes
(no platforms)
Christmas Pageant: White polo shirt

Uniforms must be purchased by the parents. There is a JCPenney's catalog number for the girl's skirts in the Office.

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