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A message from His Worship, Mayor Alberto Nuñez

150th Anniversary Features
Where is San Pedro?
Ancient San Pedro, by Herman Smith
150 Years Ago, by Angel Nuñez
Life in San Pedro 1850, by Peter Laws
Who owned San Pedro? by Peter Laws
Who governed this settlement? by Mayor Alberto Nuñez and Leo Cuellar
Life in San Pedro in Former Times, by Miriam Graniel
A Trip down Memory Lane, by Patty Arceo
Don Lucio Guerrero relives the past
Meet Mr. Alan Forman
Ramon's Village
Ruby's Hotel
San Pedro Post Office
Senior Citizens Think Back, by Dorian Nuñez
Long Live Beauty Queens
Article in the San Pedro Sun BEFORE the celebration
Article in the San Pedro Sun AFTER the celebration
Real Estate Corner, 150 Years, by Diane Campbell
Oh San Pedro, Brother Jake and the Boy Scout camp, by John Esquivel

San Pedro, once a small fishing village has been transformed into one of the most booming towns in our country. We have certainly come a long way, and the development that we are now enjoying is in great part due to the determination and the hard work of the San Pedranos. Throughout our one hundred and fifty years, we have time and time again, seen that the San Pedranos have risen to every challenge that has come their way.

San Pedro has been blessed with great men and women through out it's history. People who worked together with one vision, to make San Pedro a better place for them and their children. Now that we are facing the new millennium, I would like to invite the San Pedranos and those that have made San Pedro their home, to work in unity with one ideal. Let us keep el Paraiso de San Pedro.

A special thanks to the San Pedro Sun for this special keepsake edition.

San Pedro, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this 150th BIRTHDAY. Enjoy in the festivities that this year's committee has put together for you. "Del sudor del Mestizo se creo este Paraiso."

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